New Sweepstakes 4/12/15


I have started my sweepstaking once again! I decided to share all of the sweeps I enter daily, so you can find the links below. Good luck! If you win something, come back and let me know!! Win an Ipad 2 Win Miracle Copper Anti-Fatigue Compression Socks Win $500 in Lionesse Products Win $500 VISA […]

Love and Lies


I feel extremely sad and foolish. I look at how I relied on how I feel about someone to determine what I should do instead of using logic. But isn’t that what love does to people? It makes us stupid and blind? I can’t even say I am blind, but more selfish because I refuse […]

Blog This, Blog That


I liked this little meme or whatever you call it. Blogging can be such a stress reliever and I use it for just that. I blog to share my feelings and concerns with the people in my life who follow my blog. I blog to connect with people who have the same thoughts and interests […]

Free Google Page Rank

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