New coupon codes for dELiA*s



Summer is just around the corner, and you can catch some pretty awesome deals at your local dELiA*s. Below you will find the latest coupon codes to use online. Some of the coupon codes become valid tomorrow 4/24/14, so be sure to take advantage of the savings.


30% Off An Item of Your Choice! Plus, Free Ship over $75. Use Code: SINGLES. Valid 4/22/14 – 4/24/14.

FLASH SALE – BOGO FREE JEANS! Buy 1, Get 1 FREE. Plus, Free Ship over $75. From noon-11:59 pm. EST. Use Code: ONEMORE. Valid 4/23/14.

Extra 50% Off Sale Items. Plus, Free Ship over $75. Use Code: EXTRA50. Valid 4/23/14 – 4/24/14.

15% Off + Free Shipping Over $75. Use code: DHE15. Valid 4/24/14 – 5/29/14.

$20 + Free Shipping On All Orders Over $75. Use code: DHE75. Valid: 4/24/14 – 5/29/14.

Dresses Up To 30% Off. Valid 4/2414 – 5/29/14.

Swimwear Up to 30% Off. Valid 4/2414 – 5/29/14.

Sandals at $12.50. Valid 4/2414 – 5/29/14.

Shorts Starting at $19.50. Valid 4/2414 – 5/29/14.

Sale Up To 75% Off . Valid 4/2414 – 5/29/14.

30% Off Everything, Plus Free Ship over $75! Use Code: WANTNOW. Valid 4/25/14 – 4/28/14.

Mueller’s Pasta Stock Up Alert at Publix 4/23-2/29



Looking for a stock up price for pasta? Publix has their Mueller’s brand on sale this week BOGO. The regular price for this brand is $1.47, but this week you will pay only  $0.73 each, however, after coupons you will pay even less! This week you can find Mueller’s regular pasta or Hidden Veggie Pasta Blend, Assorted Varieties, 12 to 16-oz box on sale. This sale excludes Lasagna, Jumbo Shells, Manicotti, Gluten Free, and Noodles, so that narrows our coupon search drastically. I found only two coupons this week posted below.

If you use either of the coupons above, you will pay $0.18 to $0.23 each per pasta box. This is a great stock up price since we rarely see free pasta these days. So what you think? Is this a good stock up price? Can you find better? Leave a comment below!

Soda deal at Publix 4/23-4/29


canada dry

Don’t miss out on this great stock up price at Publix this week! You can grab a few 2 liters sodas for next to nothing, especially if you stack coupons.  This week Publix has Assorted Canada Dry, 7UP or A&W or Diet Rite, 2-L bottles on sale buy one get one free. Normally these are $1.89 each but since they are BOGO this week, you only pay $0.94 each. You can also use the following coupons and catch a sweeter deal!

You can either stack the above coupons or you can just use them separately. If you use just the printable coupon, you will only pay $0.44 per 2 liter. Isn’t that an awesome deal?!?

Family disappointments can be a good thing?


Family disappointments. We all have them, whether it be a sibling going downhill fast or a close minded parent who doesn’t understand you. It sucks, I know. I love my family and I find it hilarious that I get upset that my family is not that “perfect” family. You know the ones you grew up watching on TV? The ones society has molded in our heads.

I don’t think a perfect family exists. We are all human, we make mistakes and people get upset. Family or not. That’s life. I have had my share of disappointments. More than my share to be honest.

I could get into some of my life examples, but I’m not trying to share those kinds of downers with you, so I will get to the point. You obviously can’t help what family you are born into, even though sometimes you wish you could change it. All you can do is be your own person and surpass the negative. We all grow up and make our own decisions. We can choose who we want in our lives and who we don’t want in our lives. Just because it’s family does not mean you HAVE to keep them in your life. Sometimes that could be absolutely toxic to your well being. In a way we as humans try to let society dictate how we should live our lives, and that is pretty sad.

I was watching an episode of Bones last night and she gave her opinion on a matter regarding how one was disappointed in their parents. She said, “I believe on some level our parents are supposed to disappoint us so we can surpass them and improve the species“. I thought this was a brilliant quote and made perfect sense. Growing up, you look up to your parents. As you get older, you realize you are your own person. You develop your own personality, thoughts, opinions and so on. Most of the time, those do not mimic your parents 100% and this can cause some serious issues in a family relationship, but it’s not always a bad thing. Just think of it as improving the human species!

Call me crazy, but that quote was probably the best quote I have heard in years. It definitely made me feel better about the life path I chose for myself, even if my parents and family don’t agree with me.

Even though it refers to parents, it can go for the rest of your family as well. Sometimes I wonder if I did exactly what my parents wanted me to do and mimicked them exactly, if things would be perfect. Can you imagine what life would be like if everyone were the same? If everyone had the same thoughts, opinions and personality? That would be a pretty dull existence, in my opinion. I enjoy feeling emotions, even if they are sad. They make me think and try harder to keep my life happy.

Love your family, but be your own person. If they can’t accept you and the choices you make, then that is unfortunate.. for them. You are doing what you were meant to do. Improving.