How to Slash the Costs of Pets at home






Having a pet incurs several costs and it may go up to significantly high amounts in the long run. It also appears that there are certain expenses related to having a pet which cannot be avoided. The costs arise due to the fixed monthly expenses, recurring expenses and medical expenses. However, if thought upon carefully and planned perfectly, the costs can be cut to a great extent. This will be highly beneficial in the long run and you might end up saving a large amount of money if a few tips are followed. Mentioned below are a few tips about how to reduce costs at home.


Regular checkups

It is good to have your pet get checked up by a vet regularly and vaccinate it as required. By doing so, the pet would always stay healthy and thereby, a major component of costs, the medical expenses can be reduced. This is mainly due to the fact that once a pet is ill, the costs of medication and expenses are high. So, it is best advised to stick to the golden saying, prevention is better than cure.


Choose the Dog Food Appropriately

Dog food is a part of the monthly expenses you incur no matter what and this is the major contributor to your annual expenditure in having a pet. Hence, pet food has to be selected correctly, depending upon the cost and quality of food. With the costs repeating every month, if one can save on the costs of pet food, they can cut down costs of maintaining a pet. So, it is suggested that you shift to cheaper dog food so that your recurring costs are reduced.


Do it yourself!

Simple activities such as walking the dog or giving it a bath can be done by yourselves instead of hiring someone to do the same, as hiring someone else would add up to the monthly expenses of having a pet. The entire amount you would pay a caretaker can be saved and this is a great way to cut down costs at home. This way, you would be active when you personally take care of the pet and also, it would prove to be economical and friendly on the pocket.


Compare Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is an essential requirement and the premium you have to pay for the insurance package also contributes to the expenses. There are various insurance companies in the market that provide pet insurance. Before blindly choosing a pet insurance, get pet insurance quotes online and do your bit of research. There would be great savings if you research and find out which pet insurance is available for a lower price. After looking at all the pet insurance deals available, one can compare and arrive at the conclusion about which one to settle for. As the pet insurance costs are high, one can cut down on the costs considerably if an economical and cheap pet insurance is chosen.


These are just some of the tips to ensure you cut the costs of an animal in the home.





Action Packed Halloween Party Games




Halloween eve or All Saint’s Eve is celebrated in mostly western countries on 31st October every year. This party is thrown in the memory of the dead, martyrs and faithful believers who have left the world. This festival is mainly packed up with trick-o-treating, carving pumpkins, lighting bonfires, costume parties, playing pranks, watching horror movies and visiting haunted houses. People visit church, light candles and pray for tranquility of souls. It is believed that on this day all spirits revisit their homes and the fairies are particularly active. The parties are taken up for fun and pleasurable times. Mainly vegetarian food is preferred. The major fun involved is in gathering together and playing  Halloween party games.

 Riveting Recreation

How about planning a  Halloween party with lots of games? The very word “game” fills everyone with immense zeal. There are many games that have been played over in these parties since ancient times. These include apple bobbing, guess the ghost, scavenger hunting, build a scarecrow, pin the art on witches, etc. While planning for games one must keep in mind that games should be planned according to the age of people in the party. For mixed parties the games that entertain both young and adults should be chosen. If not so make sure to arrange for different games that both young and adults would enjoy alike.

Some Buzzing Games

With Halloween eve coming up, people start planning for parties and Halloween party games. The preparations are made for perfect food, perfect costumes, and perfect drinks and most importantly for perfect games.Here is a list of zest filled games for a Halloween party.

  •  Apple bobbing or dooking-Apple bobbing is one of the ancient games played in Halloween partys. In this game many apples are placed in a basin filled with water. Kids have to pick up the apple from the basin using forks without the help of hands.


  • Guess the Ghost- This is a game that should mainly be played in a group of ten. In this game one kid becomes the ghost buster and the rest have to hide in a different room. Out of the rest, one becomes the ghost. The ghost buster then comes in the room and guesses the ghost.


  •  Passing the pumpkin- This is a fun filled  Halloween party game  that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. In this, teams are formed. Each team member passes the pumpkin to the other member and this way the pumpkin reaches the last member. Members cannot use their hands while passing the pumpkin.


  •  Making mummies- This is also a game that interests both young and adult alike. In this game, teams should be formed. Each team has to make a mummy of a member using tissue rolls. The team that makes the mummy the fastest is the winner.


There are many more  Halloween party games  that can be planned and enjoyed accordingly. Make sure to keep a proper check on kids while allowing them to play games. Do not let small children go for games in which they might get locked out. Keep a close watch and at the same time do not spoil the fun. Play safe, play well!!!







New Coupon Updates 8/20/14



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Program Seeks to Beat the Applicant Tracking System at Its Own Game




Innovator needs help to fund the “Complete Career Change Program” Kickstarter project.

During her doctoral research, Dr. Karen Gurney (41) noticed articles covering the job skill mismatch and problems with modern recruiting systems. After studying hiring psychology and successfully coaching career change clients, she uncovered a solution to the Applicant Tracking Systems using the same human psychology that has been programmed right into the search algorithms.

This is more than your average career change system. The program provides techniques to overcome the pitfalls of pattern recognition used in pre-screening and final selection.

“The program teaches career changers the methods used by the applicant tracking systems to select talent giving program users an advantage when applying for jobs. Solving for the problems with modern hiring systems also means finding solutions for being overqualified, having gaps on the resume, explaining terminations, and performing negotiation salaries,” says Dr. Gurney.  It features a clever method called Master Resume Profiling© which uses the job ad to build algorithm friendly applications. At the same time, the key program design assists candidates in identifying alternative career options, a critical skill needed in today?s changing job market.

Karen realized that video instruction was a necessary aspect to teach the program to users. Determined to push the program development forward, she continues to tweak the design through numerous prototypes and feedback. This is why she has decided to run a Kickstarter campaign to crowd-source the $5,000 necessary for a videographer.

Kickstarter campaigns operate under an “all-or-nothing” funding model so if the Complete Career Change Program project does not reach its goal at the end of one month then Dr. Gurney goes home empty-handed.

Check out the Complete Career Change Program on and be among the first in the world to use this product in your career change.

If you’d like more information about the Complete Career Change Program, or to schedule an interview with Karen please email

Karen Gurney studied Workforce and Economic Development (Ph.D.) and Business Administration (MBA) at Cleveland University and currently works as a career coach with clients throughout the United States.  She is based in the Greater Cleveland, OH area. She regularly performs her keynote “The Two Aspects of Human Psychology Killing Great Hires” to professional groups and universities and recently spoke to Society of Human Resource members about construct validity issues in pre-screen applicant tracking system questions. Her coaching skills, doctoral research, entrepreneurial savvy, and experience in workforce development makes her a great choice to tackle the challenge of bringing the Complete Career Change Program into the world.

Contact: Karen Gurney


Twitter: @careeriqnet



Kickstarter Campaign Link:

I’m Just an Introvert, Get Over it, I did!




Yes, i’m an introvert. No, i’m not shy. No, i’m not stuck up. No, i’m not antisocial. I’m just listening. I’m just observing. I can’t stand small talk…But I’ll talk about life for hours. I’d rather be home with a close friend or 2 than among a big crowd of acquaintences. Don’t scold me in public. Don’t embarass me in public. Respect that I’m reserved. And if I open myself up to you, know that means you’re very special to me.”

All my life I have dealt with getting close to people and then pulling back, out of nowhere. For a long time I could never understand what was wrong with me. I would lose friends because I didn’t know how to explain myself and why I needed time to myself. I just couldn’t deal with the nonstop social stimulation of the outside world. I could barely deal with it in my own home.

I grew up with so many siblings that I never had peace and time to myself. When I was finally out on my own is when I realized that the more time to myself I had, the better I thrived socially, mentally and emotionally. It sounds odd to some people, especially to those who are extroverted. These people thrive on the attention of others, and I am just the opposite. Too much attention from others literally drains me mentally and emotionally. I have to get away to breathe or I lose myself, and end up pushing the ones I care about the most away from me and not in a good way. It can be quite impulsive and hurtful.

Here lately I have become quite drained with my oldest kid at home all summer, and my 4 year old wound up tighter than a tick. I feel like I am losing my shit, but I try so hard to find ways to calm myself and get my alone time. It’s just really hard. Have you ever tried taking a quiet, relaxing bath in a house with three other people which includes two kids? It doesn’t happen. They are knocking on the door, talking to me through the door and even sliding things under the door. I got to where I started to bring a radio with me and turned it on and drowned out those outside disturbances. Still not enough though. Peace and quiet would be amazing but I have kids so I have to adjust.

I am counting down the days til my oldest starts school because I will finally have some me time again to just breathe and recharge. That’s if I can get the 4 year old to take naps again. Those have been non-existent since my oldest has been home for the summer. I stay home all day and work online, so I am always here with a 4 year old. That takes some real guts to do. Most people would have already lost their shit, especially with the kid I have. She never stops, always go, go, go. I love how much energy she has, but just watching her drains everything I have.

So with all of this plus some other family issues going on in my life, I have finally withdrawn. I knew it was coming soon. I warned people but I guess they didn’t think I was serious. I hate confusing people, especially my friends, but I have been so sad, confused and just a fucking emotional roller coaster and I knew that I had to take a little bit of time away from everyone and focus on myself. I’m not trying to be selfish, I swear. I just need to be able to breathe and this is the only way I know how.

I don’t want my friends thinking they had anything at all to do with this. They definitely had nothing to do with it. I love my friends to pieces and most of them know this and know me. They know I will be back soon, recharged and back to my typical self.

For now I am just going to sleep earlier, write more and get my kids on a better schedule so that I can get my head back on straight and feel like I have some ounce of control. I really feel like I have lost it all, so this is imperative. I guess I can’t really say I hate being like this, this is my normal, which feels so not normal, but it is what it is. Until next time!


Albertsons – Best Road Trip Ever Giveaway


Albertsons/Jewel-Osco/Shaws/Star/Acme and United Supermarkets is hosting a Best Road Trip Ever Giveaway. They are offering a FREE CAR (value up to $41,000) in all 8 regions of Albertsons & affiliate stores. 

Prize based on the number of entries. When you enter to win you can accumulate miles by captioning your road trip essentials. More miles results in a higher value car. 

The Entry Period for the Sweepstakes begins at 12:01 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) on Wednesday, August 6, 2013 and ends at 11:59 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) on Tuesday, September 3, 2013. There is no limit to the number of entries for a single person. 

Entrants must be a resident of Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington or Wyoming (excluding Florida)

Good Luck!!


New Book Created by Veteran for Children with Bedtime Fear




Kids Scared. Monsters Under the Bed. Sleepless Nights.These are all phrases Msgt. Benjamin Hemme heard from his fellow Airmen whose significant others were struggling to maintain normalcy at home while they were deployed.

While we tend to think often about the men and women fighting for our freedom, the struggles that loved ones at home, especially children encounter sometimes get overlooked. This was quite evident by the number of children who were experiencing more bedtime fear than usual with Mommy or Daddy deployed.

Recognizing a need to support fellow men and women in uniform and children everywhere who suffer from bedtime fear, Goodbye Monsters was born!

Goodbye Monsters is the story of a little boy named Ben who is terrified of monsters. One day Ben is introduced to a magical creature named Zimbobo who has supernatural powers that keep all of the bad monsters away. All you have to do is place Zimbobo in the scariest place and you will wake up safe and sound with a smile on your face!

We recommend placing Zimbobo under the bed or in the closet, but you know best where the monsters are hiding!


Goodbye Monsters by Benjamin & Susan Hemme. ISBN 978-0-615-99704-9 is a hard cover 8.5″ x 11″ children’s book with a plush toy named Zimbobo that measures approx 9″ in height and 6″ in width. For more information, please visit

Cut the cost of Kid’s Education with these Tips




Education is not cheap and with children about to get ready to go back to school, there is no time like the present to discuss ways to cut the costs.

Everyone wants their children to get the best possible education, however nobody likes having to pay through the nose for it. So, here are some great ways to get a better deal on schooling and all the extras that surround it.


If you pay for tutoring or grinds for your child in term time, you know the expense it can lead to. Tutoring is a time consuming and also a costly venture, though is often a necessity to help children succeed in this extremely competitive world. Online tutoring is one option as it allows you the chance to receive not just lower priced education, but also means there is no need to have to travel long journeys. In addition, unlike tutoring which tends to be of variable quality, online tutoring companies tend to also have quality guidelines that mean you can expect a good level of tutoring when you use them.

Cycle to School

In a world, where parents tend to wrap their children in cotton wool, cycling to school is something that seems preposterous. However, it?s far from it.

Cycling has never been safer with the advent of cycle paths in towns and also increasing awareness for cyclists amongst motorists. For adults it is of a number of benefits as it cuts down on the school run, saves on fuel and also gives children a little independence ? something that?s got numerous benefits and can?t be overlooked. If you?re a busy parent, or a working parent it also gives you a little more flexibility, while is also exercise for children.


School books are one of the most costly parts of going back to school. Fortunately, the price of school books can be dramatically cut through rental or by purchasing them second hand. There are all sorts of ways to purchase books second hand and this can save hundreds of dollars per child and is something highly recommended.

These are just some great ways to save money and cut the cost of your children?s education for the coming year.


It’s Amazing What Kids Learn from Writing a Check



Living in a plastic world makes teaching children the value of money a challenging task. Kids are visual and experimental learners, meaning they extract more from touching, feeling and doing rather than verbal explanations.

Will that be Cash or Check?

It is certainly not a phrase we hear anymore, but it is one that will go a long way to teaching children the power of money. Time to put away the debit and credit cards and work with cash and checks.

Start with a small allowance for chores and pay in cash. Kids 6 and older have an amazing concept of cash. The denominations are easy to count and part of the tools used for teaching elementary math. Not only that, but you’ll surprised by how many times your child will want to count and recount their money.

The physical act putting money into your child’s hand has a much deeper impact than transferring funds from your account to theirs. Showing them a statement is just a bunch of numbers. Cash, however, is real. Checks are real as well, especially when it comes to spending.

Open your child a bank account and get into the habit of making regular trips into the bank for deposits. Be sure to get your child a few checks and a check register. To make it fun, try Hello Kitty personal checks for girls, and for boys pick their favorite super hero. Your child will be delighted to see the checks with their name printed elegantly on the corner.

Go Old School

The interactive learning experience of a check register cannot be replaced by a computer generated statement or passbook update. Each time your child makes a deposit, have them mark it down in their check register and update the balance. Does the amount match what the printed bank statement says?

When it comes to spending (and the spending will indeed come), it’s time to go old school. Even though many businesses and online retailers no longer accept checks, the bank of Mom and Dad certainly does.

It’s okay to use plastic for an online purchase, but have your child write you a check for the full amount. Be mindful of the date, payee, numerical and written amounts. Don’t forget the signature! Update the check register, this time subtracting their hard-earned money from the balance. Cash the check as soon as possible, so your child will see the update on their next statement.

Seeing the negative amount, especially on bigger purchases, has an enormous impact on a child?s appreciation of money. The act of writing a check is time consuming for youngsters, so they will easily remember where their money went. You’ll be amazed how meticulously your child will review their bank statements, and how much more thought they put into when and where they spend their money.

Teaching kids to navigate in a world of instant deposits and automated debiting starts with the basics. Cash and checks slow down the process to a child’s level and allows them to gain a solid understanding of both saving and spending, and how to be responsible for both.





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