21 Common Clothing Brand Items That Will Sell For $50 or More on Poshmark

Over the past year and a half I have been sourcing for my Poshmark closet on a weekly basis. I typically run across many of the same brands, and when doing my research have seen those brands oversaturate Poshmark and other platforms. Due to this, I typically pass on those items unless they are super cute. Today I went out sourcing with my mom and I kept finding the same brands as always and I started filtering my search a bit more. I noticed something when doing this, and that lightbulb went off in my head.

There are many brands on Poshmark that are oversaturated but even those brands have certain items that people will still pay good money for and are harder to find. I wanted to do some research tonight on the most common brands I run across here in West Columbia,SC. I also asked my Instagram followers to name some brands they see often and pass on, so I could include those in my research as well. Only 1 person replied with Liz Sport, so I have included this in my research.

Below the 20 clothing brands you see are what I find EVERY time I go out sourcing, next to those brands you will see the best items for those brands to source to resell on Poshmark. I figured this would be a great way to save time when out sourcing. If I know what items for each brands to look out for, then I will save time!

  1. L.L.Bean– Duck Boots, Fisherman Sweater (LL BEAN SIGNATURE), Puffer Coats 
  2. Lilly Pulitzer– Luxletic line, Dresses, Vests
  3.  Under Armour– Ski Pants, Puffer Coats
  4. Gloria Vanderbilt– Vintage Jeans
  5.  Banana Republic– Wool Coats, Military Coat, Trench Coats
  6. J. Crew– Wool coats, Pea Coats, Top Coats
  7. Loft– Long Coats, Boucle Coats, Short Blazers especially tweed
  8. Ann Taylor– Long Coats, Tall Boots
  9. Gap– Teddy Coats, Long Coats, Leather Pants, Puffer Coats
  10. Old Navy– Funnel Neck Coats, Maternity Puffer Coats, Bundles of like items
  11.  Vera Bradley– Backpacks, Disney Print anything
  12. Jolt– Capes
  13. The Limited– Collection Suits, Blazers
  14.  New York & Company– Long coats
  15.  Lane Bryant– Puffer Jackets, Moto Jackets, Faux Leather Jackets
  16.  Cabelas– Coats, Snow Boots (lace ups), Pant Suits
  17.  Lucky Brand– Boots, Bags, Leather Coats
  18. Simply Southern– Sherpa Pullovers
  19. Piko– Bundles are a big seller, not many single items for over $50
  20.  London Times– Dresses, Jumpsuits

Instagram Users Most Common Brands:

  1. Liz Claiborne– Long Coats, Luggage, Tall Boots, Weekend Totes  
  2. Christopher & Banks aka CJ Banks–  Linen Dresses(button front), Mainly Bundles sell over $50
  3. BDG– Teddy Jackets, Overalls

There seems to be a similar trend going on here. Long coats. Most all of these brands have great resell value in their coats. If you have any other brands in mind, be sure to leave me a comment telling me what brand you see all the time and I will add it to my list!

    What Clothing Brands Sell on Poshmark in 2020

    Have you been looking for new clothing brands to pick up to sell on Poshmark? As a reseller, I come across great brands when doing my research on Poshmark. Some of these brands I have yet to find myself but my brain has a picture imprinted of the label so if I see it I will definitely look up comps at the store. I wanted to share some of these brands with you and I will also leave a Youtube video I created showing some higher end brands labels.

    The brands I will be providing in this article are brands that Poshmark says are trending right now. To find this page, you will need to be signed out of Poshmark and look at the bottom of the sign in page. Keep in mind just because you find a certain brand doesn’t always mean it will sell. Style definitely makes a difference in many items. Trust me, I have learned the hard way! I will talk about how to find out what styles are selling for each brand in a later post.

    Women’s Most Searched Brands on Poshmark This Week:

    H&M, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Dooney & Bourke, UGG, Tory Burch, Burberry, Lululemon, J. Crew, Levi, Michael Kors, Victoria Secret, Chanel, Lularoe, Zara, Tiffany & Co., Pink Victoria’s Secret, Anthropologie, Forever 21, Adidas, American Eagle, Gucci, Kate Spade

    Women’s Trending Brands on Poshmark This Week:

    Keds, Calia by Carrie Underwood, Citizens of Humanity, Lush, Frame Denim, Quay Australia, Sanctuary, Lipsense, Brooks, Pacsun, Vionic, Zella, Dressbarn, Merrell, Ava & Viv, Dansko, Motherhood Maternity, Asics, BKE, David’s Bridal, Crocs, Halogen, Becca, Altar’d State, Tommy Bahama

    Men’s Most Searched Brands on Poshmark This Week:

    Oakley, The North Face, Lucky Brand, J. Crew, Old Navy, Timberland, Under Armor, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Express, Versace, Patagonia, Burberry, Puma, Levis, Louis Vuitton, Vans, Cartier, Calvin Klein, Nike, True Religion, Reebok, Polo by Ralph Lauren

    Mens’s Trending Brands on Poshmark This Week:

    Addicted brands, Psycho Bunny, Canali, Andrew Christian, Paige, Bugatchi, Calvin Klein Underwear, Ted Baker London, Umbro, Fred Perry, Silver Jeans, Asics, Saucony, Billy Reid, Keen, Kith, Andrew Marc, RLX Ralph Lauren, Sperry, Mountain Hardwear, Salomon, James Pearse, Obey, Lucchese, Uniqlo

    How To Get Money To Source More For Poshmark


    Do you need more money to source for your Poshmark closet? I can relate. The majority of my earnings go straight to bills since I started selling full time, and I have very little to source with anymore.

    I was trying to figure out a way to make more money so I could source more (and in turn make more) and I was reminded of something I gave up when I started working 10 hour days years ago. Entering Sweepstakes and giveaways. I had such success in the past with winning VISA gift cards and store gift cards that I figured why not give it a shot again and use those winnings to buy inventory for my Poshmark closet.

    Yeah I know you’re probably thinking, “I’d never win”, and to tell you the truth, if you keep that kind of mindset, you’re absolutely right. The problem with thinking you will never win is that you will typically quit entering, therefore you will never win. If you can keep a positive mindset, and keep entering, you will win.

    Within my first week back entering sweepstakes, giveaways and playing instant win giveaways, I won free food from Hardees and Wendy’s, a $50 check from Burger King, a set of 2 Beringer branded mason jar glasses from Beringer Main & Vine, Redbox free rentals and Jumanji Fanart Lithograph. I won all of these items in a 1 week period. My first week back to the sweeping grind.

    I want to share with you a few tips that will help you win, and you can either put them to use or ignore. These are tips that helped me stay organized and that is key when you are entering giveaways.

    1. Create a new email address for your sweepstake entering– Yes, you will receive alot of spam mail from many of these company giveaways. They will ask you to subscribe to their newsletters, and sometimes things that are optional, we may accidentally check so we get all of that too. I won’t deny I have enjoyed alot of these newsletters because they also announce NEW giveaways so its honestly a win win.
    2. Open up an account on ALL social media platforms– Are you like my boyfriend, and refuse to have a Facebook or any type of online presence? Well if you plan to win as much as possible, it is imperative to have social media accounts. Many companies will ask you to share the giveaway for extra entries (we love extra chances to win) so you would need these open to do so. As well as sharing, some of these giveaways are only on certain social media sites so it provides you a larger amount of sweepstakes to enter. The main social media platforms are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and if you are looking to enter some gamer sweeps Twitch is a must. (You can add me as a friend! You can find me on most platforms as Allybethany)
    3. Designate a time everyday to enter giveaways– I designate 2 hours a day to do nothing except enter giveaways. In that time I am able to enter 100+ giveaways. I typically head to a sweepstake portal such as sweepstakestoday.com and enter the instant win games first, then I enter any new giveaways they have. After that I start entering my daily giveaways. I will make a Youtube video about that soon. (Oh yeah, if you haven’t subscribed to my Youtube channel, what are you waiting for? It’s in the sidebar!)
    4. Check your sweepstake email daily– Many companies will contact winners via email, as well as send you mail to your home. Be sure to check your email for winning emails. If you have a ton of spam, on Gmail you can search by keywords such as “Congratulations” “You Won” “Winner” etc.. this will help you find winning emails faster.

    So these are my main tips for getting started. I will be creating many YouTube videos showing you exactly what to do in many circumstances, and I will be creating more content here on the blog to explain sweepstaking to you. I hope this was helpful to you. If you have any questions please leave me a comment below and we can chat!

    My Poshmark Strategy Made Me $2000 Last Month

    If you are just starting out selling on Poshmark, then you are probably doing a lot of research and reading several different Poshmark strategy ideas. I just recently changed things up in my Poshmark strategy and I want to share how I made over $2000 last month selling on Poshmark.

    To give you a little run down on me, I started selling on Poshmark in May of 2018. I did this part time until February 2019. This was when I decided it was time to focus on reselling full time. I’m so thankful I took that leap and focused more on my reselling. Due to my decision I am now making twice what I was making at my full time job outside of the home. Now don’t get me wrong, reselling can be a very iffy thing. Since I sell on Poshmark, I have to be very active in the app. If I’m not active then there is great possibility that my sales will drop drastically. So it’s imperative that I stick to a schedule and have a good strategy to reel my buyers in.

    My Stats:

    Listings: 598 Active Listings

    Gross Sales for March 2019: $3633

    Net Earnings for March 2019: 2635.84

    Amount Sold for March 2019: 204 items

    Cost of Goods for March Solds: $408

    My Self Shares:Over 100,000 a month

    If you take a look at the stats above, you will see how many listings I have and how many self shares I have. I spend a lot of time sharing my closet to my followers and to Poshmark parties. This is pretty important if you want your item to be seen. You can’t just list it and leave it. You must share your items within the app. Sharing outside of the app is a good idea as well. When I share my listings, I also share to my Pinterest. This definitely has helped me with sales from outside the app.

    My sharing schedule varies on a day to day basis, but there are 2 times that I never miss. I share my closet first thing in the morning. I get my daughter off to school at 6:30 every morning and as soon as I get back in the house, I start sharing my closet. So let’s just say between 7am-8am I am sharing. The other time I will never miss sharing is 9pm. I always share an hour before the last party starts. Obviously I share much more than this more days than not and those hours are as follows:

    7am, 11am, 12pm (only party items I have available) 2:30pm, 6pm, 9pm, 10pm.. and sometimes I will share a few listings when I’m in bed at midnight.

    You may think that’s a lot of sharing and that you don’t have time for this but I have a secret. If you share from your browser on your phone (I have an iPhone) you can share super fast! When I say share from your browser, I mean go to your safari and type poshmark.com in the search bar and log in through there. Don’t use the app. Doing this I can share almost 600 items in 25 minutes if that pesky Captcha checker doesn’t get me.(Yes, you can get captcha through the phone browser.) Sharing really is the easiest part in my opinion. Definitely one of the most important parts. Also don’t focus all your time sharing others listings. Yes its nice to share back but be sure to put yours first. Once you have shared your closet and feel like sharing back, then go for it!

    As for my listings, I just try to stay around 600. I have yet to break 605 listings. Once I hit the 590 to 605 marks, my sales pick up and I can’t keep up. This could be a magic number but it is definitely not proven. Just a theory in my own mind.

    What Brands Do I Sell?

    I try to focus on brands that have high retail prices. I love to look at the Revolve app to familiarize myself with trending brands. I also just check sold comps on Poshmark and Ebay. This is a great way to find what will sell. Some brands that I always pick up are as follows:

    AG Adriano Goldschmied Jeans
    Miss Me Jeans
    Anthropologie- Several Different Sub Brands
    Free People
    Rothy’s Shoes
    Vintage Mom Jeans
    Reformation Jeans
    Michael Simon Sweaters
    Madewell Flare Jeans
    Johnny Was
    Skinny Jeans (most brands sell)

    So this is a very short list but these are brands that I always look for when I am out sourcing new items to resell. After awhile you learn the labels and sourcing becomes pretty quick. Take some time tonight and look on the Poshmark app and reverse search sold items and check out what brands are selling.

    How I Price My Items

    This is one topic that a lot of people have trouble with. The reason is not everyone is able to find their inventory as cheap as others. So this is why you will see a lot of scattered pricing all over Poshmark. I personally am able to get really good deals. For example one of the places I shop for inventory has a flat price of $2 for all clothes and shoes. I have found Gucci, Kate Spade and a Michael Kors Hobo Bag and literally paid $6. So obviously my profit margins are much higher than some folks who will go in and pay $40 on one of these items to try and flip for $100.

    When I get an item, I first make sure that its a sought after brand. I personally don’t worry about style, as I figure there is always someone out there looking for or attracted to the items I put in my closet. I always look up the original retail prices for each item. So this always gets listed in the original price box in my Poshmark listing. I will then check other items like mine and see what the most sold price is. So let’s say I have a dress by Theory. The dress retailed for over $250 but it is being sold preowned on Poshmark for $40. I will then set my price a bit higher.

    Typically I like to end my asking price with the number 9 and I will try and list at least $10 more than sold comps, so for this dress I will list it at $59. That is how I price most all of my items. Do they sell for this price? 90% of the time, No. This is just a strategy I have come up with to catch my buyers eye. I’m sure you want to know how I reel them in, right? Well it’s pretty simple. You have to think like a buyer.

    How to Catch Your Buyers Eye

    Once I know my prices, I basically wait for people to start “liking” my items. Once someone likes that $59 dress, I wait about 5 minutes and then send them a private offer. You can watch this video to learn how to do that.

    In this private offer, I will send them an offer of $40 and $1.80 shipping discount. This would leave me with a $30 net profit if they choose to purchase with my offer. I typically offer in discounts of $10 and $1.80 shipping discounts. This is where think like a buyer comes into play. As a buyer myself, I will like an item on Poshmark for 1 of 2 reasons. The first reason being I want to buy the item but I would like to see if they will send me a cheaper price, and the second reason I like items is to come back to an item if I don’t find it cheaper. Of course you will have people who just like to like..and that’s ok. I still send everyone a discount. So always send a discount. Just make sure your price your item high enough to allow you to profit when doing so.

    Listing and Relisting

    The final thing that I have done is to list at least 5 new items as many days a week as I can. I also delete 5 old listings by using the filters on my app. (Just in>All available>Scroll to very bottom) And then I relist them. I use my phone to do this, so I will screen shot all of my photos, click edit and copy my entire description. I will then delete the listing and add a new listing. Using my screenshot photos and copied description. I will type a new title and check comps for pricing. Voila. That’s literally all I do.


    I really hope that some of these tips I use will help you to increase your sales on Poshmark. I truly believe I have found the best system that works for me, and it could very well work for you too. As always if you would like a free $5 credit on Poshmark, just use my code ‘Allybethany’ when you sign up! Happy Poshing!!

    Win a Softbox Light Kit, Diva Ring Light Kit or a $50 Amazon Gift Card

    Welcome! If you’re looking to enter the giveaway, you’ve come to the right place! You can enter Allybethany’s Youtube Subscriber Giveaway below. There will be 1 winner. The winner will be drawn on April 2nd, 2019. The winner will be able to choose from 1 of 3 prizes. They will consist of a $50 Amazon Gift Card, A Softbox Lighting Kit (Brand of Allybethany’s Choosing) or a 14′ Diva Ring Light Kit (Brand of Allybethany’s Choosing). The winner will have 48 hours to reply back to Allybethany once notifed they are the winner. If the winner fails to reply back in 48 hours, a new winner will be drawn.

    Thank you so much for all of your support!

    500 Youtube Subscriber Giveaway

    Win a Softbox Light Kit, Diva Ring Light Kit or a $50 Amazon Gift Card

    Anthropologie Sub Labels You Should Be Sourcing To Resell

    Hey guys! In my last youtube video I spoke about all of the many sub labels by Anthropologie. I wanted to write up a little something listing many of the brands that we may pass over when sourcing. Always keep in mind, Anthropologie sells ALOT of different brands. Many of these brands you can find in department stores as well. So sometimes the RN number will not match the typical Anthropologie RN number 66170. Regardless many brands are exclusive to Anthropologie and will have different RN numbers. For example, Michael Stars tops are sold at Anthropologie but the RN number is that of the company that manufactures Michael Stars. So try to familiarize yourself with some of these names so you can grab them up when sourcing.

    The brands I will be listing will be for dresses and tops, as they are my most sourced items. I will do separate posts for pants, skirts, and shoes.

    I want to add the brands I will be listing below are the more common brands at Anthropologie. Meaning Items that they carry more than 1 of. For example on their website they may have the brand Current Air, and when I filter it shows they only have 2 dresses by that brand. I will be listing the brands that they carry 2+ of. I hope that’s not confusing. If so, don’t fret. I will be listing some other sites below that will really help, and I will explain how to find the info yourself!


    52 Conversations by Anthropologie
    Akemi + Kin
    Bailey 44
    By Shani
    Cloth & Stone
    Current Air
    Dolan Left Coast
    Donna Morgan
    Ella Mara
    Essentials by Anthropologie
    Finders Keepers
    Folk by Hansel From Basel
    From the Heart of Building 18
    Mara Hoffman
    ML Monique Lhuiller x Anthropologie
    Moulinette Soeurs
    Ranna Gill
    Seen Worn Kept
    Sunday in Brooklyn
    The Odells
    Three Dots
    Vanessa Virginia
    Verb by Pallavi Singhee
    Vineet Bahl
    We Are Kindred
    Yumi Kim


    52 Conversations by Anthro
    Akemi + Kin
    Bhanuni by Jyoti
    Blue Tassel
    Burning Torch
    Cami NYC
    Cloth & Stone
    Conditions Apply
    Corey Lynn Calter
    Cupcakes and Cashmere
    Current Air
    Daniel Rainn
    Dolan Left Coast
    Elizabeth Gillett
    Ella Mara
    Eri + Ali
    Eva Franco
    Farm Rio for Anthro
    Free People Movement
    From the Heart of Building 18
    Isla Maude
    Kachel x Anthro
    Lea & Violet
    Left of Center
    Little Black Bodysuit
    Love Sam
    Mara Hoffman
    MATE The label
    Meadow Rue
    Moon River
    Moulinette Soeurs
    Pilcro and the Letterpress
    Pure + Good
    Ranna Gill
    Ro & De
    Sahil Kochhar
    Seen Worn Kept
    Sol Angeles
    Sunday in Brooklyn
    The Fifth Label
    Three Dots
    Velvet by Graham & Spencer
    Vineet Bahl
    Yummie by Heather Thomson

    This concludes the list of brands that are sub labels of Anthropologie for tops and dresses. It’s alot. I know. It was actually alot more than this, and if you would like to see all of the many brands they carry, then you can go here.

    Would you rather see the actual Anthropologie Sub Label Tag? Check out the links below!

    These bloggers have done a ton of work photographing these labels, and many people have uploaded to pinterest too!




    Well I hope that helps you a bit more. My next post will be listing shoe brands sold at Anthropologie. I will focus on more exclusive items as well. Have a great day!

    Freebie Fridays 1/4/2019

    Hey folks! I am starting up Freebie Fridays again. If you enjoy getting things for free, then be sure to check my blog every Friday for a new updated list of Freebies on the web. You can also follow my Youtube Channel here.

    So this week I was able to find quite a few freebies. As always the number one place that I always look for Free items is the Free Flys website. They make updated lists not just once a week, but every single day. If you’d like to join for free to get notified of new freebies, then you can sign up here. And yes, this is an affiliate post. As always I never promote anything that I don’t use myself!

    Here is my updated list of Freebies, keep in mind that these can run out pretty quickly. If you find a link is broken, then the sample has probably ran out:

    Free Olay Whips- Skin Cream

    Make Up Eraser(Follow on Instagram)

    Free 8-Pack of Sparkling Ice Mountain Brand Natural Spring Water

    Free Personal Pizza at Chuck E Cheese’s

    Free Sample of SheaMoisture Clay-to-Cream Cleanser

    Free Dove UltraCare Hair Products

    Free Paper Mate Pens

    Free Samples of Le Blanc Linen Wash

    Free protein bar from Orgain

    Free Sample of Silk Coffee Creamer

    Free with a coupon:

    Schar Gluten Free Wafers, 1.8 oz (Singles) (Find at Walmart)-$2 off Coupon Here

    40 Count Box of O.B. Tampons- Go here, select option C. and fill out form

    What Brands Sell On Poshmark 2018

    If you’re new to selling on the platform known as Poshmark, don’t fret. This is one of the best platforms to sell on, but certain brands do better than others. When I first switched from selling on eBay to Poshmark, I was lost. Many brands that sold on ebay for me, did not sell on Poshmark. It took me quite some time to figure out what brands sold the fastest, and I want to share with you not only those brands but an easy way to find the brands to start sourcing.

    Poshmark is the #1 place to buy and sell fashion online and if you are looking to start up, you can get a $5 credit when you sign up using code ‘Allybethany’, Just click here, download the free app and when you register use my code.

    Ok, so let me get back to the brands. I have compiled a very large list of brands that sell very well on Poshmark. Where did I get these brands from you may wonder? Poshmark. I went into the app and decided to check out the “Party Brands”. If you’re not familiar with Poshmark parties, every day they have a party where certain brands are allowed to be shared so everyone, not just your personal followers can see them. The exposure is totally worth it, as you will sell more if your items are seen by more. Math? I guess. The party times are 12pm, 3pm, 7pm and 10pm eastern time for me.

    However, I am focusing on the 12pm party. This is the party that demands only specific brands be shared to it. They do switch the type of brands allowed every day, so today was the Boho party with brands such as Anthropologie, Free People and Wild Fox. Tomorrow the Active wear party starts at noon and it allows brands such as Lululemon and Onzie. You get the picture, I’m sure. Let’s get on to those brands.

    The following lists are of all brands allowed to that specific party time depending on theme..AKA the brands you should be focusing on sourcing to resell on Poshmark:

    Active Wear Brands

    Adidas by Stella McCartney
    ALO Yoga
    Beyond Yoga
    New Balance
    The North Face
    Spiritual Gangster
    Under Armour

    BOHO Brands

    acacia swimwear
    Faithfull the Brand
    For Love And Lemons
    Free People
    Freebird by Steven
    House of Harlow 1960
    Johnny Was
    Lovers + Friends
    See By Chloe
    Show Me Your MuMu
    Lucky Brand
    Spell & The Gypsy Collective
    Stone Cold Fox


    ASOS Curve
    ASOS Maternity
    ASOS Petite
    Club Monaco
    Marc Fisher
    Miss Me
    PINK Victoria’s Secret
    Sam Edelman
    Steve Madden
    Steven By Steve Madden
    Topshop PETITE
    Topshop MATERNITY
    Vince Camuto

    Preppy Brands

    Brooks Brothers
    Hunter for Target
    J. Crew
    J. Crew Factory
    Jack Rogers
    kate spade
    Kendra Scott
    L.L. Bean
    Lilly Pulitzer
    Lilly Pulitzer for Target
    Ralph Lauren
    Polo by Ralph Lauren
    Tommy Hilfiger
    Tory Burch
    Vera Bradley
    Vineyard Vines

    Designer Brands

    7 For All Mankind
    All Saints
    Cole Haan
    Dooney & Bourke
    Helmut Lang
    Jeffrey Campbell
    Marc Jacobs
    Marc By Marc Jacobs
    Michael Kors
    MICHAEL Michael Kors
    KORS Michael Kors
    rag & bone
    Alexis Bittar
    Alice + Olivia
    True Religion

    Luxury Brands

    Christian Louboutin
    David Yurman
    Jimmy Choo
    Louis Vuitton
    Saint Laurent
    Tiffany & Co.
    Valentino Garavani
    Yves Saint Laurent
    Dolce & Gabbana

    As you can see, it’s quite alot. I have studied these brands and as shocking as it sounds, when I go sourcing I am able to scan through everything by keeping all of these brands in my head. Ok, that’s a lie. My phone is my handy dandy notebook. I have all these brands in my Iphone notebook for reference, but most of these are in my mind. After a while of sourcing and selling on Poshmark, you will remember many brands.

    I want you to understand one thing though. Just because you find one of these brands does NOT mean it will sell on Poshmark. It’s up to you to figure out what styles are selling from these brands. There are several items in my closet that I have had to let go for a very, very cheap price as it sat for months without a single like from my followers. Don’t worry though, if the price is right for you, then buy that brand, but some times you have to leave them alone and move on. If you want to know a great tip on how to see what is selling from the following brands, then listen up!

    Check Past Party Show Rooms!

    That’s right. Go into your Poshmark app, click on any of the 12pm parties and filter your search to show solds only. Want to search by brand or category? Do that too. The filter is a resellers best friend on Poshmark. It will help you figure out what styles are selling the most. I will be posting a video to my youtube channel showing you exactly how to do this.

    You can subscribe to my Youtube channel here.

    I will be uploading that video in the next 24 hours. You can also see some of my clothing hauls, mystery box unboxing and Poshmark tips on my channel.

    I hope this helps you find some starter brands to get selling on Poshmark. If you want to check out my Poshmark closet you can do so here. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment and I will respond as soon as I can.

    How I Made $1500 Selling on Poshmark My First Month

    This was a pretty big shocker for me. I never thought after that first week of selling on Poshmark that my sales would blow up the way they did. I remember when I started listing, I was pretty clueless. I at first thought it was how Ebay was, and you just list and leave, but it’s nothing like that. I came to realize after much research that you have to be active within the Poshmark app in order to succeed.

    Poshmark expects you to share your items. Each and every one of your items. Once you share an item your followers will see it, and if they like it, they typically share it to their followers and if enough people like your items, the sharing will continue for a long time. Once your item gets exposed to so many people, typically a buyer will grab it up. The more people who see your item, the higher chance of a sale. I will say that I have sold items that had not been shared in over 24 hours before, and I believe this is because people also directly type in the search menu the brand of clothing or style they are looking for. This is why your title must be descriptive.

    I will go ahead and post the video I made about this and I will list the steps I took below the video. I hope this is helpful to you all, and I will be remaking a video soon with a little more detail.

    So here is what I did to make $1500 selling on Poshmark my first month.

    1. I had 50-100 listings the first month
    2. I followed atleast 100 people a day *tip not in video, big one I left out*, they typically always follow back
    3. I made descriptive titles. This means I added the name brand, the color, the style and the size of clothing in title.
    4. I always listed the measurements in the description. I typically did the bare minimum which was pit to pit, length, waist and inseam.
    5. List what the condition of the item is, gently used, excellent use, new etc.
    6. I shared my closet multiple times a day. With 100 items it takes maybe 10 minutes to share the whole closet. I would click the item I wanted to share, click edit, then next then list. I would do this most every time I shared.
    7. Times I shared my closet: 8 am, 12 noon (if I had party theme items), 3 pm (if I had party theme items), 5 pm, 7 pm (if I had party theme items) and 10 pm-12 am depending, I would share entire closet. I always share using edit next list (ENL). (EASTERN TIME ZONE
    8. Return Shares of followers who shared my items
    9. Send an offer to a liker. Any time someone would like my listing I would go to the listing and at the bottom corner I would click (Price Drop) from there I would click offer to likers and send the liker a shipping discount and percentage off.
    10. I participated in all of the closet clear outs. This would make it to where you drop your prices by 10% and anyone who likes your items will receive free or discounted shipping on Poshmark. It doesn’t come out of your earnings on this day.
    11. I was steady adding listings atleast 1 a day as I have a goal of 100 new listings per month.
    12. Always have clear, bright, semi-professional looking photos. Mine are not 100% professional but I did buy a clothing form and diva light from Amazon. Using this on a white wall makes a huge difference. It looks much better than hanging on a door, which you will see alot of on Poshmark. Buy a diva light here, and the dress form here.

    So I think I basically covered everything that I did which helped me earn $1500 my first month on Poshmark. If you follow these steps, I know you will make alot of sales. Take your time and it will pay off!

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