Publix Coupon Policy Change

Rumors are making their way around the internet about Publix changing their coupon policy. I went to Publix today and asked the cashier about the changes, she said all she had heard was something about competitors coupons being changed. I did not press the issue any more and I emailed corporate regarding this. I will post their response when I get it. I think its silly that so many people get scared thinking Publix is going to drastically edit their coupon policy. They would lose much business if this ever happened.

I personally never use competitor coupons as the only ones I find that are worth anything are Target, and they are not considered a competitor at any of our Columbia area stores. (Be careful what websites you choose for “coupon deals” as many are posting forĀ  “regional deals”, some states in the south east do allow Target as a competitor just not here in Columbia.)

People have spoke of no more doubling coupons and such. That would be awful indeed but the one thing many people don’t realize is when stores such as Publix offer a “store coupon” and “double” a coupon, that is coming out of their pockets. The only coupon that they get reimbursed on is manufacturer coupons. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that the only change is competitors because I LOVE Publix..because of the deals I get. No more deals equals no more Publix!

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