How to cut costs on printer ink and paper as a coupon mom

We can all stand to cut costs on printer ink and paper. This article will give you a few tips.

Are you tired of printing that must have coupon and come to find, you are out of paper? Have you ever printed a coupon to find that your ink is almost out? If you are a true coupon mom you have ran into both of these scenarios. If you are just starting out as a couponing mommy, then take the following advice on how to cut your costs on printer paper and ink. There are a few ways you can cut your costs in half.

How to cut costs on printer ink and paper:

Reuse paper. This is something that saves the most money. Say you print one coupon, once you print it cut from the bottom of the coupon all the way across the paper. You can then use that extra paper to print another coupon on. There is no need to throw away half a sheet of paper. Even if you have writing on the back of a sheet of paper you can still print the coupon on the other side!

Use black ink only. You can set your printer to use black ink only. This will save you money on ink! To do this go to control panel >printers>Right Click on your default printer >then click printer preferences>put your print quality at standard and click the box that says gray scale. This makes a lot of difference. I have had problems at some stores not being able to scan the bar code but their hand scanners work every time!

Refill your own ink. Just because you have a certain brand of printer does not mean that you have to purchase the ink cartridges they provide at very high prices. You can buy ink refills all over the Internet for cheap. I recently purchased mine on EBay for $10.48. I bought the black ink refill and it came with enough ink to refill my black ink twice. If I would have purchased ink for my Canon printer I would have paid $21.00 for each black ink cartridge. I think it is very easy to refill them, they come with instructions, and there are many videos on YouTube showing you how to do it.

Do not print a coupon unless you are going to use it. I have made this mistake so many times. I found a great coupon and I just knew it would come in handy. Turns out it expired before I was able to get a great deal. Now if you are one that enjoys just a few cents or dollars off a regular priced item then go for it, however, if you are like me and wait for those rock bottom deals to hit then check my website for those sales. I even put a link to the coupon for you. It makes it much easier to save.

I hope you found these tips informative, if you have anything you would like to add please leave a comment!

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