5 coupon blogs worth following

As a coupon user, I follow alot of coupon and deal blogs. I have so many favorites and I really enjoy sharing posts from them with my readers. I want to share my top 5 favorite coupon blogs that I think every coupon user should follow daily. You may not even be a coupon user, you may just be a parent who enjoys a good deal. I started couponing years ago, but I found out I was doing it wrong when I ran across a printable coupon I was searching for. That day changed my life forever! I was introduced to my first couponing blog. 

My top 5 favorite coupon blogs are as follows:

Money Saving Mom– This was the first coupon blog I ever followed. She has so many store deals to choose from. You will always find a great deal no matter what store you choose. The first thing that caught my eye was that she had coupon ad match ups for Save a Lot. This was my favorite store to go to when I started couponing. She has so much more on her site. You can get great recipes, get income earning tips, look up coupons on her coupon database and so much more! This blogger gave me the idea of blogging about my coupon deals. I must thank her for the guidance through the website. Without her website I would have never dreamed of blogging about couponing. I am thankful for her income earning tips. 

Southern Savers– I ran across this blog after I started blogging about local stores in the Columbia, SC area. It was a shock to me when I found out she lived in the same area as me. I was honored to have such an awesome blog to follow so close to home. Her blog is full of so many great deals. She even does store ad match ups for most stores here in the Columbia area, but she focuses on the South East, so she blogs about alot of stores I have never heard of. You will find she keeps her blogging up to date and she has what appears to be a very personal relationship with her readers. If you want to learn to coupon, she offers workshops and how-to videos, coupon database and lots of great deals. 

Swappin Spoons– I found this blog and once again was surprised she was a fellow South Carolinian too. She blogs about local coupon deals in the Summerville, SC area. You will find so much on her blog. From recipes to coupons. She blogs about it all. I enjoy her coupon ad match ups for Publix, the great deals she runs across on Amazon and her recipes. This is a great deal blog to follow. She actually celebrated her 10,000th blog post today. Congrats to Swappin Spoons on your 10,000th blog post! I hope to read many more.

Down South Savings– This blog is actually a really cool blog to follow because not only does she have money saving deals on her page, she also blogs about reviews and has a ton of giveaways. I really enjoy the flash giveaways she has. You will find she blogs daily and has so many great posts. I actually just finished writing down a recipe she posted for Apple Dumplings. So if you are looking for lots of freebies and reviews, then this is the blog for you.

Saving Common Cents– I follow this blog daily and she has AMAZING deals posted constantly to Facebook from her blog. If you are looking for coupons, store deals, giveaways or just couponing help, you will find it on this blog. I actually just finished reading a post she created about Fisher Price coupon matching in Walmart. You will find all kinds of interesting posts like this on her site.

So here you have the top 5 coupon blogs I think are worth following. You will have non stop content to follow and so many guides, you will be saving money every time you leave your house. I hope you enjoyed my list. Do you have a coupon blog? List your coupon blog in the comment section and I will add you to my blog roll.

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