Easiest way to de-clutter your toddlers room and make extra cash

In the past few weeks I have been steady cleaning tons of toys from my living room and daughters room. Okay who am I kidding, I have been cleaning toys from every room. She had way too many toys for one child, and I got a twin bed for her and had to make some room. I love her having a number of toys to choose from to play with, but sometimes they accumulate way too much, too soon. I set a plan and decided I would sort through her room and whatever I couldn’t use I would sell and donate.


I purchased some 10 gallon buckets from Walmart.com and received 4 for only $19.47 which was so much cheaper than I had found in store. I used 2 of these for organizing her larger toys. One was for stuffed animals and the other was for bigger toys such as mini doll houses, battery powered kitty toys etc. I used another for her dirty laundry and gave my oldest daughter the 4th one for her dirty laundry. We made sure to de-clutter by only keeping what we could fit in the buckets.

toy sorter

Besides the buckets I also purchased a multi- bin toy organizer for $29 at Walmart.com. This thing really came in handy and my daughter absolutely loves sorting her toys in it. We use this to keep her ABC blocks, mega blocks, barbies and random single toys in. Ever since I got these, I have had less toy clutter throughout my house. Now it just stays in her room and I can still walk on her floor!

So once I got these items and started my de-clutter process, I had tons of stuff to donate and sell. I want to share with you my tips for de-cluttering my daughters room. It worked very well for me and hopefully these tips will work for you as well.

De-clutter tip #1– Get rid of any toys that are missing pieces, this could be a puzzle that is missing one piece, a toy that takes batteries that is missing the battery cover- we had a few of those. Barbies that have missing extremities- had a few of those as well. Just anything that requires something else to go with it. My kid takes her toys everywhere, from car rides to grandmas house. There is no telling where some of the missing pieces went, but I refused to start hunting everywhere for them. Someone else out there could use the items and could possibly have the missing pieces, you never know!

De-clutter tip #2– Only keep what you can fit in the buckets. If you have toys overflowing out of the buckets onto the floor, it’s time to donate or sell! Have your little one tell you what items she wants to give to babies. My daughter at 3 yrs old was very aware of what she wanted to keep and what she wanted to give to other babies. She was so helpful that she was picking up certain things and bringing them to me saying, “Mommy, give this to babies.” or “Mommy, this toy is for babies.”- It was kinda cute too!

De-clutter tip #3– If you have not seen your child play with certain toys in a long time, consider donating or selling. My daughter had an easel I purchased for Christmas, 2 years ago. She rarely used it and it just sat in the corner of her room for months untouched. I gave her a choice between the kitchen set and the easel. She said she wanted to keep the kitchen set, so we sold the easel.

Those are the tips I have been using and they have been working out very well. As for what I did with the toys we removed, we listed them in bulk on craigslist and donated a few to Goodwill. One thing I dislike is going to Goodwill and finding peoples broken junk they didn’t want anymore. I decided to only donate the items that were in good working order. As for the stuff that was missing pieces, I listed on craigslist in bulk.I sold all of the toys for $50. I was honest with the buyer and alerted her that some pieces were missing from certain items, but she didn’t even care.

Of course not everything I sold to her was missing pieces, but a few were and she still took it all. I refused to take less than what I had spent on the buckets for organizing my daughters room so I set the price at $50 firm. I had many folks try to get me to drop $10 off the price and some even asked for it for free just because a few pieces were missing stuff. It took 3 weeks for my sale to come through and it was worth the wait.

If you are not familiar with craigslist, you should definitely try selling a few things from around the house. It is a great way to make extra cash. In fact there is a great article that gives beginners tips for making money on craigslist. I found this an it put my mind to ease. Now I think I am going to become a craigslist junkie. It’s free to use and sell on for now.. so I will use it as much as possible because as I have seen so many times before..all good free things on the internet, will eventually start to charge when they feel they have you hooked.

I hope that’s not the case for Craigslist, but only time will tell.

Do you have any tips for de-cluttering your little ones rooms? I would love to hear what you do or use!

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