Free Chore Chart for parents

I have been seeing this advertised all over the internet today. I had to see what it was and was super excited about it! I have been searching for this kind of online service to help me organize the kids chores and to keep up with it. We have tried the poster board chore chart and if the 3 yr old doesn’t pull it down and run off to her room to draw on it, we usually drift away from keeping up with the stickers.

This new site called is perfect for moms and dads who work online alot like I do. You can easily save it to your bookmarks and even get email alerts to remind you and alert you when your children do chores.

This is perfect for me as I have a 13 year old who has a phone that supports this app, so she can download the app and report who chores as finished herself. I will then get an email alerting me and then I can pay her. I pay my oldest $1 for cleaning her room everyday and $1 for doing the dishes every night. I have extra chores she can choose to do each day for $0.50. This is such a great free service for me and my kids!

You don’t have to use the app either, you can do it all online, but the app is kind of like a bonus for those of us who have older children with smartphones.

If you want to try out this free online chore chart, you can sign up here!

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