Keep up with your kids chores online or on your phone

Everything is going digital these days, including keeping up with your kids chores. Once upon a time we used poster board on the kitchen wall with little sticker stars, but now we are using less paper and more technology in place.

MyJobChart has an excellent FREE service for parents and kids. You can build your own online chore chart for each child, and you can even set allowance based on the chore. Once your child completes their chore, they can easily use the app or go online to mark their chore as complete and you will get an alert telling you they are finished. It’s pretty neat! I set mine up and had my 13 yr old download the free app on her iPhone, and immediately she did her chores and submitted them for my approval. Once I inspected her room, I marked it done and the amount she earns each day for keeping her room clean was added to the account balance.

Once the end of the week comes, I will pay her in actual cash for her weekly allowance based on the chores she has submitted. It almost sounds business like, but it surely prepares our kids for what is in their near future. Responsibility.

I highly recommend this program, and I hope you will try it out! If you are interested in this you can sign up for free right here!

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