NCP is hiring home scanners

If you have spare time each week, and want to earn points to use towards rewards and sweepstakes, you should try out NCP. They are currently accepting new panel members for certain zipcodes. You won’t get paid cash to do this, but with the rewards you can get, you can surely sell them and make your cash back.

If your zipcode is included in the area where they are seeking research panel members, you will be mailed a home scanner like the one pictured above. Mine is white and a bit bulkier though.

They just want you to scan your grocery items and you will need to send them via data transfer weekly using a USB port you hook the scanner to.

This is not a job, but research and surely not for everyone. In fact, I have ran across a few who have said they just don’t have time for it. I started using the home scanner early 2011, and I have had some weeks where I felt blah and didn’t upload my groceries. But other than those few weeks, we don’t buy many groceries weekly so it works fine.

It takes 20 minutes out of your week to scan groceries and upload them, why not give it a shot? If you don’t like it, you can send it back.


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