Lessons nature can teach you about design

 lololololWhat can you see? Tree branches swaying in the wind, leaves cracking under your feet. The first signs of fall. Do you see the sunsets and the snow on top of the mountains?

If you just take a few moments to look at the world of nature, you will soon discover that it is full of lessons about design that you can build in into your own living space. No matter what your natural surroundings is, you can always find inspiration in nature for new ideas that you can use in your interior.

Natural shape of beauty

Nature is beautiful and awe inspiring. The natural world inspired world famous artists. So, how do you learn to watch nature with an artist’s eye? And how can you transfer that beauty into your home?

That is really simple, like a peaceful moment where you are sitting and watching the natural beauty of this world, or when you literally set yourself time to smell roses, and then you notice the color of the roses. These colors can be an inspiration for one room in your home. The beauty of the natural world is all around you, you just need to stop for a moment, feel the beauty, and then replicate it inside your home.

Copy the shades of nature

Like we said before, the colors of a rose can inspire a theme for the whole home. Have you ever noticed how nature is not afraid to mix colors? Take a look at a leaf that can be light green, while the vein that is in the middle is deep red or white. Nature looks like it likes to play with shades. Pay attention how older leaves are of more intense colors than new leaves.

Bring nature in your home

How would it be if you could walk in nature and see what you can pick up? When is the last time you went on a field trip and brought home wonderful leaves, stones or twigs?

There are so many ways you can decorate your home with natural elements. Think about filling glass vases with rock and twigs, which can create an incredible decoration for the center of the table. Colorful leaves can be spread across the table, mixed with pinecones and the flickering of candles which will create a beautiful ambiance.

Nature follows random design

The wind carries seeds and without any planning brings it to a new environment. The seeds can blossom in a flower in the new environment or it can just die. This part of nature is random and not planned. Nobody knows where the seeds will drop or whether they will actually grow.

What can you learn from this? If you like some decor, don’t think too much – buy it, even if you have no idea where to put it. It is your home, so follow your heart. You never know where the wind of inspiration will take you.

Well planned design in nature

The appearance of the sun wakes the birds, and the shine of the moon calls all night creatures to rise. All this is with a purpose and planned, just like you should plan some designs in your home. While accident and random has a place in interior design, some things should be planned. Your kitchen demands careful planning. So, imitate nature and plan your interior thoroughly. In the end, a functional home is the root of design.

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