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The MrBuyGuy team is delighted to announce the launch of their new website, the only online shopping platform for all your money saving and money making needs.

No other website does what they do – let you buy and sell on a free online auction platform, place a classified ad, book a hotel room, hire a car AND compare prices on all your favourite products.


The MrBuyGuy auction platform is available to anyone – business owners who want to increase profits and individuals looking to clear out some clutter and make some extra cash.

Get your own store, and create your own theme to attract your ideal customers. You can have a free store or pay more for a premium store with additional features – try out a premium store for free for 30 days!

Want to try some extra features but aren’t ready for a store? Pick N Choose the features you want and pay only for them.


Classified ads provide a simple way to buy and sell. Make money on items you don’t want or can’t use. Find the products you need and save money on purchases. Buyers and sellers deal with each directly, negotiating the best price.


Can’t find the item you’ve been searching for? Place a wanted ad, describing exactly what you need and let the seller come to you.


MrBuyGuy finds the best hotels on the internet’s most popular travel sites, like Travelocity,, Getaroom, Hotel Club and, so you can save up to 80% on your hotel room.


No other website beats MrBuyGuy when it comes to showing you how to get the ultimate in value for your money. They bring together products on all the major comparison sites – Amazon,, Pricerunner and more – so you can find the best items at the lowest prices without having to search all over the internet.

Have a look around their brand new site, then start buying, selling, comparing and saving!

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