How to get a free $5 Amazon or Walmart gift card online

Are you one of those people who are desperate to work from home? You spend all day looking for a legit way to make money but to no avail? Do you want to learn how to get a free $5 Amazon or Walmart gift card online? Let me tell you about my find. For years, I tried to find a stable income online. I wanted to supplement my income, so I just needed an extra $500 a month. It seemed every site that advertised an easy way to make extra money, was a lie.

I reviewed music, phone calls and even websites. Still unable to find something that I enjoyed and that worked for me. I felt that I was never going to find a good place to make money online quickly, so I started to give up my search. Luckily, one of my readers referred me to Instagc. At first I thought it was like Inbox Dollars. In a way it was but this site was more than penny offers. It paid decent. It paid enough that I knew I could supplement my income by using it. Instagc was free to use, had very low payment thresholds $1-$5 unlike Inbox Dollars $30, and that was probably the part that sold me.

I was able to cash out directly to my Paypal account and have my money in minutes. If I felt like shopping online with my money, I could redeem my points for a gift card. It was and still is my favorite way to earn online. And I’m not talking about earning pennies. On a good day I can make $30 in a matter of 3 hours. It just depends on how fast I can fill out offers.

I love this site so much that I have made videos about it. Which is rare for me, just hearing my own voice erks me out! But I want to tell people how to make money on the site. I think everyone should be able to see how easy it really is.

Watch my video

This video will show you exactly what to do to make your $5 online TODAY!



First steps to making your $5 online are below:

  1. Create a new email address to use for the site and its offers. (This prevents spam overload to your regular email.)
  2. Download a form filler program or turn on your browser auto form filler. Make sure you have your new email address set up in your profile.
  3. Sign up for instagc. This is my referral id. When you sign up under my name, I will send you a guide showing how to make $1900 a month! Be sure to message ‘Allybethany’ on the Instagc platform.
  4. Confirm your email.
  5. Go to Instagc main wall ( it’s the block that says Instagc)
  6. Do the surveys mentioned and shown in the video.
  7. Cash out your money via gift card. (Once you reach $50 you can start using Paypal, but until then you must use gift cards or direct deposit.)
  8. Enjoy!

I hope you all found this helpful. If at anytime you need help, please feel free to email me at with your questions!

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