Get Paid To Tweet Ads In 2017

How would you like to get paid to tweet ads? I personally love doing this. I have several different streams of income thanks to the internet. You can ready about a few of them in my article called Top 5 ways I make money online. I probably need to update that one here soon, as things are always changing in the land of internet income.

Today I wanted to share with you how I get paid to tweet ads. These are sponsored by another company, and when someone clicks my link, the company tracks it to me and then pay me. It’s that simple. If you’re good at getting people interested in your tweets and have a good CTR (click through rate), then you will be golden doing this. I would suggest that people with a large active following to sign up. I would say 2,000 minimum.

This will not only increase your chance of the company accepting you, but allow you to get more clicks which equal more money. This type of work isn’t for everyone. If you spend more time on Facebook than Twitter, then you should probably stick to Facebook. I will post a way to make money with Facebook soon. I’m sure you are ready to learn more when it comes to how I get paid to tweet ads. I’ll move on.

The company I work with is called SponsoredTweets. They have been around for quite some time, and I know a few people who are making serious money through this company. I myself am rebuilding my blog and social media accounts, so things have slowed down these past 6 months. However, I am still earning through this site.

How It Works

You will want to sign up for your free account here. They also have a premium account, but I prefer free. I won’t get into the difference at the moment. So after you have signed up, you will fill out your profile information, interests, link all social media accounts. The more you link, the better chance of getting work.

So when I log in I am welcomed to the Creator Marketplace. I always see three options on my left sidebar and they are Sponsorship, Content and ContentAmp. You will be able to setup your price for bids etc in these areas. I prefer low bids at the moment as I am rebuilding. The higher amount of traffic you can refer, the more your bid should be. To learn more about the bidding process, there is an entire help section on their website dedicated to that.

Ok, so let’s try to hurry this one up. It’s pretty simple. When you check the site, sometimes you will have advertisers reach out to you and offer some ads to tweet for them. It can all be automated through the site, or you can customize your own tweet. That’s up to you. Once you accept their ad, they will tweet it for you. Don’t worry, they do NOT spam your twitter. I have noticed them tweet only one time per campaign.

How Do You Get Paid

Once someone clicks a link, you will get paid for that. The amount depends on several factors. Once again, there is alot to read on their site, so you should refer to that part. We will be here all night if I try to explain it all lol…and I’m sleepy!

If you have the free plan, then your cash out threshold is $100. If you decide to pay the $1 plan, then your threshold is $50 dollars. I believe the last plan is $10, and the threshold is $25. Like I said I do the free plan. I’m a cheap skate. =D

You will get paid through Paypal, so make sure you have an open and verified account.

I currently have some bids to either accept or decline. So I will cross my fingers for me and for you. If you’re ready to get started then SIGN UP here and start making that money! I’m sorry it’s so short, but you get the gist of it. You get provided an ad and you tweet it. Short and simple!

Do you have another way to get paid through Twitter? Comment below. I would love to know more ways to get paid with Twitter.


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