Lowest School Supply Prices at Walmart


Do you want the lowest school supply prices? Look no further. I have created a list of some common school supplies and their prices.

I remember spending over $100 one year on school supplies. My daughter just had to have a certain back pack, and it seemed I was providing all the teacher supplies as well. It really broke me that year. Now that my oldest has graduated High School, I am down to one school age child. We have started our list for supplies this year as well. I really love finding cheap school supplies. This typically helps me send more than expected to help others in need. I know first hand how hard it can be to find the money for educational supplies. However, thanks to online school supplies being sold so cheap, it’s never a problem anymore.

I wanted to share with you some of the early deals I have ran across so far. Over the years I have found Walmart has the best prices on school supplies, but Amazon comes in a close second, especially when it comes to quantity price.

Obviously Walmart is a favorite of mine because you can pay online and skip the shipping price and pick up in store. I have used the supply list for my second graders school in the 29210 zip code.

Walmart Prices

1 inch Black 3 ring Binder, $1.55

3 Ring Heavy Duty Pencil Pouch, $2.13

Box 24 Count Crayons, $0.25

 Pack 12 Count Long Colored Pencils, $0.97

 Composition Books, Wide Rule, Black, $0.50

 Pack of #2 Pencils, Yellow, Sharpened, 12 ct, $2.22

2 Packs of Black Dry Erase Markers, Chisel, No Odor, $7.43 for 8 ct

 Hand Sanitizer Pump 12 oz, $2.67

 Disinfecting Wipes Bleach Free Pop Up Canister, 24 ct, $0.98

 Glue Stick, Purple, $0.50 for 2 ct.

 Red Plastic Folder with Pockets and Clasps/Brads, $2.25

 Black Plastic Folder with Pockets and Clasps/Brads, $2.25

 Box of Kleenex Tissues, $1.57

 Pink Pearl Erasers, $1.46 for 3 pack

 Headphone Midsize, $4.88


Total- $31.61… say what?!?!


I wasn’t expecting this price. I checked out Amazon, and I noticed the majority of school supplies are being sold in bulk. This makes me really think Walmart is the only option for purchasing school supplies for a single child. I would definitely use Amazon if I had to purchase school supplies for multiple children, as it is much cheaper buying in bulk.

I will be keeping my eye on store deals from now until school starts back, So we can possibly catch a good deal offline too. If I find better deals, I will post them on the Versatile Mama facebook page. Be sure to follow for updates!





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