Stephen Paddock Mystery Woman Identified?

Currently we have several outlets who are using the headline Stephen Paddock mystery woman. Have you seen them?


I have been following this story because it just doesn’t seem right to me. There are so many things that don’t add up and I wanted to go over a few things. I prefer to go to the source and in the case of Stephen Paddock, I prefer to listen to what the Sheriff has to say. He seems to be a smart man. Though many have their own theories when it comes to our government. I would still prefer to believe the authorities instead of journalists trying to make a buck. You see the title? Yes. That’s how the media gets you to click on their FALSE story. Half the time I have read articles that had nothing whatsoever to do with the headline. Oh they are clever, let me tell you. People pay attention to headlines. People believe headlines. And I am here to tell you to STOP!

So was Stephen Paddocks ‘Mystery Woman’ identified? No. She wasn’t. Do you know why? Because according to law enforcement briefings, the only person of interest they were looking for has been found and that was Marylou Danley. Where this other woman came from baffles me. If you have 100% proof that law enforcement is seeking this ‘Mystery Woman’, then please let me know the source. I would like to know.

I have watched every single press conference and I have a lot of questions as many of you do. However the one thing that keeps sticking out to me is the “Mystery Woman”. This is something I have started seeing on Twitter more and more today, so I wanted to find out who started this. Did this come from the Sheriff? Did this come from a concert goer? Did this come from assumptions due to a receipt?

So here is what we know:

  • A supposed waiter of The Mandalay Bay posted a receipt that shows Stephen Paddocks name, and the receipt shows 2 guests on 9/27/17– This was posted to a Facebook account. That Facebook account has been removed since the post. The press conferences have mentioned nothing about this. Receipts can easily be faked, and I personally feel this is fake. There is no hard proof that this is real. Until someone posts a picture of an actual Mandalay Bay receipt. I will consider this bullshit.


  • A ‘Mystery Woman’ was seen with the suspect Stephen Paddock–I have been watching the press conference and not once have I seen them mention this ‘Mystery Woman’. I have seen a video of a concert goer claim a woman spoke angrily 45 minutes before the shooting saying they were all going to die. But this is from the mouth of one person. If I don’t see it from the mouth of law enforcement then it is not true. I do not trust the media as they are in their business for money and money only.


  • The sheriff stated that there was no other person of interest but they have not ruled out that there could have been an accomplice. He used his own opinion to say that it looked like there was another person helping because it appeared to be so much for one man to carry out. Nowhere did he say for sure there was another person involved.


This proves that there has been no hard evidence pointing to a ‘Mystery Woman’. This is just the media doing what they do best. Stirring up their ratings. Giving people talking points. Please stop falling prey to the way the media twists things to get you to click and read. It’s becoming ridiculous. We all have theories and believe me, I have a few. Do I think he acted alone? No. Do I think there was an agenda behind this? Yes. Do I believe everything I read on the internet? No.

People appear to believe every thing they read. Especially if it comes from the media. Stop! Research! It takes a few minutes.

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