Month: April 2019

Marc Fisher Over- The- Knee Boots on Sale for $29!

Head over to Macy’s and grab these adorable Marc Fisher Over-The-Knee Boots. These have been marked down from $179 to $29. That’s a great deal. Plus you can pick them up in store and pay no shipping cost. There is also a promo code ‘Friend’ which can be used on certain items. Be sure to

BOLO Brands That Sell on Poshmark

Have you been searching for Bolo brands that sell on Poshmark? I decided to scour this here internet and take some of the work out of it for you. If you are not familiar with the term ‘Bolo’, it stands for ‘Be On The Lookout’. These are brands that are in high demand either due

My Poshmark Strategy Made Me $2000 Last Month

If you are just starting out selling on Poshmark, then you are probably doing a lot of research and reading several different Poshmark strategy ideas. I just recently changed things up in my Poshmark strategy and I want to share how I made over $2000 last month selling on Poshmark. To give you a little

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