Full Time Resellers Need To Do This!

Have you recently quit your full time job to start reselling full time? If so, then what I am about to tell you is quite imperative if you are planning on turning your reselling into a business. I truly feel that all full time resellers need to do this!

Currently I resell mainly on the Poshmark app. I will add a little referral link here for those who are new and if you use the code ‘Allybethany’ you will get a free $5 credit, and so will I. Ok, let me get back on topic!

I have been reselling for over a year and things are going pretty well. The one thing I never really considered when I started my reselling journey was if this was something that I would want to turn into an actual business one day. After alot of thought I decided it would be best if I started taking the steps to prepare myself if I decided to do so. In this article, I want to share with you the many steps you should consider taking if you in fact want to start an online reselling business.


So let’s first talk about the platform you are reselling on. Is your username, user friendly? Meaning have you named your selling page something that you could name a business? For example, I have the username ‘Allybethany’, it is a basic name which I felt would make a great store name if I chose to create a store online of my own. It is also easy for my customers to remember and unique enough that I would not have a ton of competition with that name in search engines.

You want to choose a username that is not a bunch of random letters and numbers. You want it to mean something. Maybe you sell bohemian decor or clothing. You would maybe want to pick a username with boho in it or bohemian. Does this make sense to you? I sure hope so! Choosing a good username is a must when it comes to starting your journey of owning your reselling business online. If you are already on Poshmark and you would like to change your username, you can request it by asking through a support ticket. So if you have already chosen a username and you feel you are stuck, don’t worry. You can change it.

Social Media Accounts

Social media plays a huge role in many online businesses as well as brick and mortar businesses these days. Many people follow social media business pages to be informed of sale days, new items and specials these businesses have. As a reseller, it’s pretty important to take advantage of owning your own personalized social media accounts for your business. Don’t get me wrong, it can be overwhelming to post information to all of these accounts but luckily there are some great apps that will allow you to connect all of the accounts and make 1 post which shares to all.

However, you want to also make sure that the name you choose for your seller platform account is also available for you on each of your social media accounts. The main social media platforms that you may want to start accounts with are as follows:


Those are just the main platforms that I could think of. You may be familiar with others, and definitely the more the better. You are getting your business name out there by using all of these platforms. Have you already created social media accounts that relate to your online reselling business? If so, you’re on the right path!

Domain Names

So let’s say you have already created all of these platforms with your personalized username. There is still one very important step to take. If you think that one day you would like to have your very own website, then this is the most important step and that is to go ahead and register your domain.

Listen, in this day and age people make a ton of money with buying and selling domain names. The way they are able to do this so easily is because some people build a brand, whether it be on Poshmark, Ebay or some other selling platform online. They come to a point where they are ready to cut that middle man out and create their own website where their customers can shop. They go to create their website and come to find out their username can not be registered as their domain name for their website. This is more times than not because a domain name buyer and seller has found your brand and realized you have not created a website. So they take advantage of this and decide to pay that $15 a year to hold onto your domain until you buy it from them. The problem here is, many times they have that domain name priced in the thousands. Depending on how

well your brand is doing, some people pay it. But if you’re a small reseller like myself, you probably don’t have an extra thousand dollars lying around to pay for a domain name.

If you are still confused on what a domain name is, it is the .com you see in the search bar on search engines. For example on this website, you may see ‘Theversatilemama.com, this is my domain name. I also have purchased and registered my domain name allybethany.com, which I point to this website as well. I am keeping it safe until I am ready to launch my own online store. Just wanted to add that for those who still weren’t sure.

Registering your domain name is extremely easy and the cost is minimal. I have many domain names and about half of them are registered with Godaddy.com and the other half are registered with 1 & 1 Ionos. The reason I chose 1 &1 over Godaddy was due to the pricing. Godaddy may charge you a small amount to get started but that amount increases drastically. At 1 & 1, you pay a flat fee of $10 to register your domain, and after a year you will only pay $15 per year to keep that domain name.

If you want to check out if your domain name is currently available, then you can click here. But I warn you, it’s alot of fun looking up domain names not only for you but for other resellers just to see if someone has already purchased theirs to sell.

Business Advertisements

There are tons of ways to create repeat customers, but the easiest way besides having great customer service and a quality item sold, is using advertisements. I am going to just touch on the basic way to start this and that would be through a business card.

Just adding a simple business card into the item you sold would be enough to have your business name stick in someones mind. You can either create your own business cards by using Microsoft office, or you can spend a little bit of cash and order some online. I just ordered my cards from York Photo to try out. I paid $12.99 for 100 cards. You can check them out here and see if you like their designs and prices. I believe for 500 cards it’s about $35, but they have specials all the time where that price can be cut in half. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter and check your email.

I really like the idea of business cards as they are easy to slip into my packages to share with my customers. And if they truly love the item they purchased from you, they will hold that business card to reference at a later date.

Another way of advertising is through social media. Let’s say you are on Instagram, you could post a photo of one of your newest listings. Be sure to use hashtags so people interested in that item can find your post. Doing this you could add your link to the selling platform in your profile and simply state link in bio, so people know where they can go to buy the item. Keep in mind you can’t post links in your photo posts on Instagram.


By following some of the steps listed above, you will be well prepared to start your own online reselling business when you feel ready. I have to give many thanks to those who have helped me in my reselling journey and all of the free information they have provided throughout the years. It has not only helped me but also provided me with the knowledge to share that information with others. You can follow me on several platforms listed in the sidebar as well as on Youtube. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for my story updates as well. Good luck on your journey!

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