How Does Poshmark Shipping Work?

If you are new to the Poshmark app, you probably have asked “How does Poshmark shipping work?”, am I right? All new buyers and sellers are provided with information regarding this on the Poshmark app, but it doesn’t go much into detail about it.

In this article I am going to go over the basics so you don’t spend more than you have to when buying on the Poshmark app.

How Much Is Shipping?

So the base shipping for Poshmark at this current moment is $6.79 for 1-3 day shipping. You do not have any other options for the time being. Your items will be mailed USPS Priority. Sellers do have options to provide you with discount shipping if they send you an offer. I will get into those details below.

Discounted Shipping Offers

There are some ways you can get discount shipping on Poshmark. This is typically dependent on your seller. I always provide a shipping discount of $1.80 off for my buyers as I know $6.79 for just 1 small article of clothing can be quite high. Many sellers will send a private offer with a percentage off the price of the item as well as $4.99 shipping. The only way you can get this discount is when you either like the item by clicking the little heart, or by adding the item to your bundle. To add the item to your bundle from your phone you will need to click the + symbol on a shopping bag below the photo of the item you are interested in. You can also be offered FREE SHIPPING!

Some sellers will send you an immediate offer, and some may wait a few hours up to a few days. These are the only ways you can get discounted shipping on Poshmark. In order for the seller to provide you with the discount they have to pay out of their own earnings to do so, always keep that in mind especially if the price of the item is already marked below $10.

You Can Buy As Many Items As You Want and Pay 1 Shipping Price

If you are in someones personal Poshmark closet you may notice that they have tons of products. This part can be confusing for new buyers as I have had several buyers purchase 1 item and pay $6.79 shipping and then buy another item and pay another $6.79 shipping. This is a huge waste of money because when you are shopping from the same closet, you can add as many items as you like to your bundle, some of these sellers offer a bundle discount where you can actually save up to 30% off your bundles. And guess what? You only pay 1 shipping price.

So start using those bundles to save on shipping and the cost of items! Some sellers will even give free shipping on bundles over $50. It’s a pretty great way to save more money and get great quality items.

Shipping Weight Restrictions

The current shipping labels Poshmark provides cover up to 5lbs, so if you are planning on purchasing more than 5lbs, you may need to break your bundle into 2 parts. The cost for new shipping labels for more weight is extremely expensive for the sellers, and I have heard some sellers state they had to cancel orders because after this extra shipping cost came out of their earnings, sometimes up to $10.99, they were basically giving the clothes away, meaning they were making nothing at all.

Most sellers are trying to make a profit, so you may need to talk to your seller and see what kind of arrangement needs to be made. This will prevent cancelled sales.


Shipping prices on Poshmark are quite reasonable when bundled items are purchased. So make sure you take advantage of bundling. Always ask your seller questions, such as if they are running any promotions. This will also help you save money. For a limited time in my closet all items marked under $30 are on sale 3 for $20 with $6.79 shipping. You can even bundle 6 for $40 or 9 for $60. Come check out my sale.

Have you already made your first purchase on Poshmark? If not, be sure to use my code ‘Allybethany’ when you sign up and you will get a free $5 credit towards your first purchase, and I will get a credit too!

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