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How To Win Sweepstakes

I want to share with you a secret. That secret is how to win sweepstakes. I started sweepstaking in August of this year and so far not even a month in, I have won over $1400 in cash and prizes. The only secret I have is that I enter every single day! I don’t let

How to get free trash bags for your home or office

Trash bags are something that are a bit of a necessity in my home. As they are in yours I will assume. Our family goes through them so fast that it just seems unnatural. I ask my husband constantly where all of our trash comes from, but he usually shrugs and says “You’re home all

Using Ibotta to save more money: Is it difficult?

Using ibotta to save more money A question I hear often here lately is about the Ibotta app. “Is it difficult to use?” In short, the answer is No. If you have a smartphone, then you can download this app for free. That part is easy, and to be quite honest, all of it is

How to organize a coupon binder

A coupon binder is something that I absolutely love. Some people prefer to file their coupons and that is ok too, but not for me. I have personally never tried to file my coupons, and don’t plan to give it a chance since I have become spoiled by my binder.If you have a coupon binder,

Earn money and rewards scanning barcodes

How would you like to earn money by scanning bar codes of products? Rewards programs are the top way I make money on the internet. Not only are they fun, they have some amazing rewards. From gift cards to household items, you will surely find a prize to redeem your points on that you will

Father’s Day Gift Idea Coupons

Father’s Day gift idea Are you looking for some Father’s Day gift idea coupons? You can find a ton of coupons for things for dad by checking out the links below. I love giving my dad a razor for father’s day. It’s become like a tradition. I have been finding alot of great coupons for

Top 3 best deal blog affiliate programs

As a stay at home mom, I decided to try to monetize my blog to help out with some bills and to have a little bit of extra savings. I chose to use blog affiliate programs, since I felt Google Adsense was just not worth the wait. I right away started my hunt for some of

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