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54 Clothing Brand Labels With a High Resale Value

Disclaimer: Many posts on this website will contain referral links or affiliate links. This means I may get paid a small amount or percentage when someone uses my affiliate link or referral link. If you are a clothing reseller, you may be trying to learn some clothing brand labels with a high resale value. I

How Does Poshmark Shipping Work?

If you are new to the Poshmark app, you probably have asked “How does Poshmark shipping work?”, am I right? All new buyers and sellers are provided with information regarding this on the Poshmark app, but it doesn’t go much into detail about it. In this article I am going to go over the basics

Full Time Resellers Need To Do This!

Have you recently quit your full time job to start reselling full time? If so, then what I am about to tell you is quite imperative if you are planning on turning your reselling into a business. I truly feel that all full time resellers need to do this! Currently I resell mainly on the

BOLO Brands That Sell on Poshmark

Have you been searching for Bolo brands that sell on Poshmark? I decided to scour this here internet and take some of the work out of it for you. If you are not familiar with the term ‘Bolo’, it stands for ‘Be On The Lookout’. These are brands that are in high demand either due

My Poshmark Strategy Made Me $2000 Last Month

If you are just starting out selling on Poshmark, then you are probably doing a lot of research and reading several different Poshmark strategy ideas. I just recently changed things up in my Poshmark strategy and I want to share how I made over $2000 last month selling on Poshmark. To give you a little

What Types of Jeans Sell Best on Poshmark

If you are new to reselling online, whether it be on Poshmark, Ebay, Mercari or any other place similar, you may have asked yourself what types of jeans sell best. This is something I had struggled with in the beginning of my reselling career. I was basically picking out jeans that I thought were cute,

Anthropologie Sub Labels You Should Be Sourcing To Resell

Hey guys! In my last youtube video I spoke about all of the many sub labels by Anthropologie. I wanted to write up a little something listing many of the brands that we may pass over when sourcing. Always keep in mind, Anthropologie sells ALOT of different brands. Many of these brands you can find

What Brands Sell On Poshmark 2018

If you’re new to selling on the platform known as Poshmark, don’t fret. This is one of the best platforms to sell on, but certain brands do better than others. When I first switched from selling on eBay to Poshmark, I was lost. Many brands that sold on ebay for me, did not sell on

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