5 Tips On How To Win Giveaways

I remember thinking that sweepstakes were just a sham. I never entered because I felt extremely unlucky. I had gone my entire childhood and most of my adult life never winning anything. You know why? Because every now and then I would enter a sweepstake or we would have a school raffle, and I never won. I literally gave up and said it was all a bunch of crap. I later learned that was the biggest mistake I could have ever made. Had I known then what I know now, who knows where I would be. Probably owning my own island near somewhere like The Maldives. #Goals

I want to share with you a few tips on how to win giveaways. I have been entering sweepstakes and blog giveaways for about 4 years now and I have won a plethora of prizes. From $1,000 VISA gift cards to Spa Packages. I am here to tell you that anyone can be a winner, especially if I can. I will be sharing with you 5 tips that I feel help me to win a huge amount of giveaways. This isn’t the first time I have wrote about this subject. You can check out one of my first more in detail articles here.


Tip #1-Enter Everyday

This is the biggest tip I can share with you. When you enter everyday, you are increasing your odds of winning. After all, it really is all about the odds, right? Take an hour a day and dedicate to just entering sweepstakes. I know some people who will enter for 12 hours a day. They are always posting their wins, and let me tell you, they have A LOT of wins daily. However, some of those ladies and men have literally made that their job. I will write about that another day. I only take an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening to enter, and I win steadily. Try it out.

Tip #2- Enter Daily Sweeps

There are several different types of sweepstakes. There are one time entry, daily entry, weekly entry and monthly entry. I prefer the daily entry. Most people will enter a sweepstake and never go back to it. This is why I like daily entry sweepstakes. You can enter the sweepstake every single day until the sweepstake ends. This really increases your odds against those who just enter once. Alot of these daily entry sweepstakes also give you a chance to share with friends for extra entries too. Which brings me to my next tip.

Tip #3- Look For Extra Entries

Have you ever seen a giveaway that allowed you to tweet for an extra entry? Typically those also allow you to earn extra entries for every friend who enters using your link. Cool huh? Always look for the giveaways that want you to share with your friends for extra entries. Take advantage of that extra chance any time you see it. And don’t hesitate to ask your friends to use your link. You would be surprised how lucky you become when you aren’t stingy with your giveaways. It’s called good karma.

Tip #4- Enter Giveaways With Alot Of Prizes

Your odds on a huge $10,000 vacation will be much lower than the giveaway that has a $50 VISA rewards card with 500 winners. It’s all in the math. If you find a giveaway that has multiple prizes, then this is the kind you want to enter. I’m not saying to steer clear of the bigger sweeps with just one big grand prize, by all means enter them! I’m just saying to prioritize those sweeps with many winners, as you will win alot more and every win makes you want to enter more. If you just stick to big grand prize giveaways your chances of not winning are increased and therefore your chances of losing hope and to quit entering also increases.

Tip #5- Organize Your Sweeps

My final tip is to organize your sweeps. This means use bookmarks. Create folders for your daily sweeps, so you can go back to them and you can even open all of them with just a click of a button if they are in a book mark folder. If you have Google Chrome, you just click the star in your browser. Try it out, and get organized. You will be winning sweeps in no time!


I hope these tips have helped you a bit. You just have to make time for entering. If you are able to do that much, then you will be off to a GREAT start. Good luck to everyone and happy sweeping!




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How To Earn From Blogging Pt. 2

I said I would continue How To Earn from Blogging Pt. 2 this weekend, and I am here to finish this article. If you are wanting to learn the important steps that are required to earn money from blogging, then do continue reading below.

Blogging has become a great way to earn income from the comforts of your own home. The problem most people have when it comes to earning money online is that they don’t take the proper steps that are required. Some people think you can just write an article press publish and the money will roll in. If you’ve tried this, then you know it doesn’t work like that. It actually takes some work to earn from blogging. You have to dedicate your time to this, and you some times do have to be aggressive in your promotion of content. Promotion? Yes. I said promotion. You can’t make money if you don’t have traffic, and you can’t have traffic if you don’t promote your content.

How To Promote Content

You will learn several ways to promote your content in this article, but if I can give you the best advice it would be to choose your keywords wisely. I try to stay away from single words. In fact I try to use atleast 4 words and I typically use that as my title, and I make sure that I have the title somewhere in my first paragraph. I feel this has helped my organic search. I have researched about keywords a great deal, and I suggest if you are going to start blogging to learn about keywords first. It will save you alot of time and stress. I am currently going through over 1,000 posts and fixing the keywords. Don’t make my mistake. Learn keyword importance in blogging before you start.

I typically promote my content through social media. I have the following social media pages:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram

These are the main sites that I use. I have been working on the timing of posts and when I should promote. I found Pinterest to have alot of good information for the best times to share your blog posts through social media. Below, I have listed the best times next to the social media platform. This would be the ideal time to share your post for top engagement.

  • Sunday- Facebook- 9am, 1pm, 3pm
  • Monday- Instagram- 2am, 8am, 5pm
  • Wednesday- Twitter- 12pm, 3pm, 5pm
  • Thursday- Instagram-2am, 8a, 5pm
    Facebook- 9am, 1pm, 3pm
  • Friday- Facebook- 9am, 1pm, 3pm
  • Saturday- Facebook- 9am, 1pm, 3pm
    Pinterest- 2pm, 9am , 2pm

Try out these times and see how your traffic changes. This is something I am currently testing but so far my traffic has increased by about 150%. Traffic has to come from somewhere. The majority of my traffic is through social. If you promote during the right times, then you will definitely see a huge difference. Some other ways to increase traffic is what I stated in the previous part 1 post. Giveaways. Have a giveaway on your blog. Do a monthly giveaway for newsletter subscribers or just have a random giveaway. I would say once you are able to get 500-1000 views on your site per day you will be ready to start advertising.

How Can I Start Advertising?

This is where the money making comes in. I can point you in the direction of a few great advertisers that I prefer to use. You can also use affiliate programs to help you a bit. I have chosen to use some of the more common choices, these make me money every single day. So long as you have traffic, you will earn daily. The more traffic, the more you will earn.

  1. Google Adsense- Sign up with Google Adsense and start earning immediately. They are the best advertising service to earn with but they are very strict and they will not tolerate fraud. This means you can’t click on your own ads. Years ago, I had just started using Google Adsense on my blog and I accidently clicked my own ad. Big mistake. I lost my account. The funny thing was the ad was so enticing that I clicked it without even thinking. Once you get your Adsense account banned, you will never be able to reinstate that account if you were banned for invalid click activity. You can appeal, but good luck. I’ve been appealing for years.
  2. Media.Net– This has been my lifesaver since the Google Adsense problems arose. I really love the contextual ads. They are able to match your site and honestly the CTR is pretty high so far. This is the Yahoo/Bing advertising.
  3. Chitika– This is not one of my favorite for a deal blog. The ads were always the same and it was from ad council things. I still haven’t figured this company out. You can check it out and see how you like it.

These are the main advertising programs I use. I also have some smaller affiliate programs I like they are as follow:

  1. Shopher Media– I really like Shoperher Media because they have $0.05 CPC links you can earn with. This is a huge plus.
  2. Escalate Media– This one is pretty meh. I haven’t been really using them as often as I used to. I typically use them for their coupon printing referrals only.

I really enjoy working on traffic so my advertising earnings skyrocket. There is no better thing than waking up and checking your earnings and seeing you had a post go viral. That is big money. Some people make thousands a day through their blogs thanks to advertising. Just remember they stuck to it and worked hard to get the traffic they have. Traffic is overall key.

Other Ways To Earn Blogging

As I said earlier, you can use affiliate marketing to make great money. For example you can use Amazon Associates. This will allow you to write about an Amazon item you love and link to it by using the referral program. You will be paid a percentage every time someone buys something through your link. A lot of online websites use affiliate marketing as their main means of business. Some of the affiliate programs I use are as follows:

  1.  shareasale.com
  2. Commission Junction
  3. Linkshare
  4. Network Solutions
  5. Impact Radius

These affiliate program have some big names such as the stores like Walmart, Kohls, Target to name a few. If you enjoy making online stores some of these affiliate programs have great access to photos of their items and pricing so you can create your own online store. Dresslily and Sally beauty supply have lots of great affiliate resources. I really enjoy sharing online coupon codes from some of these programs. My readers typically love them as well. Working through the above affiliate programs are about 50% of my monthly earnings.

As you see there are so many great ways to earn through blogging. You just need to find the niche you enjoy and a great advertiser to use. Get that traffic up and you will be earning daily. I will be adding a part 3 to this showing my earnings for a month in November. Look out for that post! You can subscribe to my newsletter here.


Holy Paladin Guide 7.3 Whine Version (Not a Guide)

I’m bored again. So what better way to waste some time. I decided to make a little Holy paladin guide. Yay? Not really a guide, but I guess it could help some lost soul out there.

Now let me start out by saying I am not one of these elitist no lifers who spreadsheet and consider themselves “the best”. I’m just a chick who plays WoW. I’ve been playing a Holy Paladin for the past 8 years. I feel that I have enough experience as a healer in general to provide advice. So here I go. Good luck to those who actually listen. And for those who are ready to criticize me, bring it. We can have a heal off. /Flex

I have played WoW with many people and for a long time I considered myself pretty good. I’ve had enough “big head” moments of people doting on my healing. It was nice while it lasted. I haven’t been playing as much as I typically did due to real life and laziness. I have found that during this expansion I have fallen behind a bit, but I am still out healing people who severely out-gear me and this makes me wonder a few things. I’ll talk about that in another post.

Now I have to say my situational awareness in some aspects are going down hill. Does this means it’s almost time for me to quit WoW? No. It means I need to wake the fuck up and pay attention. I won’t lie, healing is so easy it makes me lazy. Sometimes I underestimate just how powerful something will hit a group and then I become the “bad healer”. We all fuck up sometimes. However, when shit like that happens it just makes me want to do better. Which reminds me.

I would like to thank a few people:

  • Undergeared 880 ilvl tank who pulls the entire room in a Mythic +10 and doesn’t know how to use his defensives and then blames ME when he dies from basically a 1 shot.

Oh well I guess that wasn’t a few people, oh wait. Yes that was. Do you know how many BAD tanks I have to heal and they complain and make it out like the healer is supposed to be a GOD? I know in the past few months I have encountered at least 5, probably more but there is a part of me that tries to block that out. The problem I have noticed is these idiots think that item level equals a god healer. No. Item level can’t determine shit for a healer. I can be 955 item level and go in a Mythic or Raid and only cast holy light and SUCK. However, even a god healer can’t keep a bad tank up. Can you? Do you have some kind of super amazing “it’s a bad tank” healer set up? I’d love to hear about it.

Please understand that only in a perfect world will high item level equal a god healer. Now don’t get me wrong, I have played with many high item level god healers. But to be honest they are a rarity in this game.

You know what I mean? It’s like going into a Heroic Inquisition and only 1 healer dispels. Have you heard the conversation? It goes something like this:

Raid Leader: Why do we only have 1 healer dispelling?

Healer 2: Oh, hold on let me add my dispel to my bars…..

Healer 1: Fuck.

Healer 3: Sorry I wasn’t paying attention.

Yeah. I’ve heard that before in pugs. Just another reason I hate pugging content. It makes me think that some people roll healers just because they can be lazy, but when you are trying to push content you don’t really have time to be lazy.

Being a healer means more than having good gear. You have to be prepared to heal at the right moments. I want to go over MY most used spells and explain a bit about healing during certain fights. I want to make it clear that I only raid Heroic. I don’t have any interest in doing Mythic raiding, so this guide will not go over anything to do with Mythic raiding. Just so we’re clear. Also I raid with another Holy paladin, Holy priest and Resto Shammy.

Talents I use

Bestow Faith– I personally hate this one because I forget to use it. I do change it to Crusaders Might for Harjatan, Maiden, KJ.

Blinding Light– Situational, rarely gets used in Raid.

Aura of Mercy– I prefer to use this for all the fights. I know some people like to change between AoS and AoM but I just run with this for every fight. I will probably mess with AoS here the next few raids to see if it makes a difference.

Divine Purpose– I prefer this as it procs ALOT for me. I have tried Holy Avenger but it just doesnt fit my play style.

Judgement of Light– I figured what the hell. I don’t have the leggo ring yet, but since I have a habit of always judging the boss at the start of fight, I went ahead and took this talent. I try to keep it up for the entire fight. I suggest timers so you know when it’s about to fall off.

Beacon of Faith– Since I dislike switching my beacon from one tank to the other, I choose this instead. Though I will use Beacon of the Lightbringer on Inquisition and Desolate Host. I’m not really sure if beacon works through phasing. I doubt it.

My Playstyle

This is why you can’t make blanket rotations for healers. We all have a certain playstyle that we either base around our gear or our fellow healers. Where many Holy Paladins enjoy spamming holy light and flash of light, I don’t. I personally HATE this playstyle. I have compared a few of my logs and my top used spells below:

July 30- Harjatan

August 10- Mistress

September 27- Harjatan

I use Maraads Legendary Cloak so I have added Light of the Martyr and Light of Dawn into my rotation. Beacon of light is always my top spell when I wear my 4 set. There are some fights where I have taken off my 4 set to “test” other gear to see the difference. However, there is no comparison so far. I have item level 930 non tier gear and my 900 item level tier gear is better than those. It just goes to show that item level isn’t all that superior compared to stats, or a 4 set bonus.

My playstyle typically consists of Light of Dawn, Holy Shock and Light of the Martyr. As for my beacons, I try my best not to directly heal the beacon targets, but sometimes here lately… it’s impossible to not heal them. The reason I don’t like healing the beacons is because when we heal others, the beacons are supposed to be healed. That’s the whole point and when we have a 4 set the beacon will get an additional 40% from healing spells. But anyways, enough about that.


Trinkets I use

Sea Star


Deceivers Grand Design (Switch out certain fights)

What Stats Are Best?


I have personally tried testing the stat priority and I found that Mastery>Crit worked better in raids of 20+ players. They say that Holy paladins have a crit cap of 50%, but lord knows how anyone gets to it. I was almost there before 7.3, then it dropped drastically.

My stats are:

Crit: 39%

Mastery: 51%

Haste: 15%

Versatility: 5%

This is not ideal but I gotta work with what I got. Ya know? I have found that balancing my crit and mastery shows a good increase in healing output as well, but doing that I lose my 4 set and I feel my healing suffers a bit. I was considering dropping my 4 set for a 2 set and testing that tonight. I will post my findings later.

I feel that with this expansion and the added legendaries, the game has become more of a learn your own character instead of doing what everyone else is doing kinda thing. My other holy pally friend has different legendaries than I have, and that is very common. I am still trying to get the ring that gives you an extra passive. That would be sooo great! Maybe this raid week will be my drop. After all, I think I have all of the shitty leggos. I like that fact that we get the opportunity to tweak our characters a bit for our own playstyle. I dislike blanket playstyles.

What makes a good healer?

This is where I want to spend a little time. Over the past few weeks I have become a pretty shit healer. I won’t lie. I know I can do better, but after awhile it gets tiring. Laziness has really taken over me. During some of our guild runs, I feel like our healers are pretty even across the board. I used to feel like I was carrying the heals, but thankfully everyone is pulling their weight and it makes it alot easier to relax. However, our raid team has just switched to a new group of players and we are still progressing through Heroic ToS. We are 6/9 at the moment, and getting used to everyone working together is a change. It drains me!

Some days I will heal a tank who cares more about his dps and gets hit for 90% of his HP a good bit of  time. Other times we have people who stand in bad and trying to run after them after Goroth throws them to the back of the room to heal starts to weigh down on you. To be a good healer, you have to learn patience and be alert to your surroundings. I do fine in raids, yes sometimes I turn my head to look at the TV and then I look back and I’m dead. That’s life.  Mythics, well let’s just say I sucketh.

Situational awareness is key in raids. Well I guess in mythics too, but screw them. Let me talk about raids. You have to know when to heal. Yes, you will have the occasional person who stands in something they shouldn’t and you have to save their ass. But most raid damage spikes are known. If you watch timers or the boss, you will know when a big damage spell is being cast. That is your warning for healing. You can’t just tunnel into your healing addon and forget everything around you.

So what do you need to know?

KNOW WHEN TO HEAL. It’s that simple.

Let’s talk about Goroth. We know when he starts to cast Shattering Star there is going to be raid wide damage, so as a healer it is your job to make sure everyone is topped off before he throws that. And then it’s your job to make sure you get everyone back up after he casts. That’s healing in a nutshell. It’s not rocket science. Another boss would be Harjatan, there are 2 parts of the fight where you must make sure everyone is healed up. He will cast unchecked rage. During this casts, make sure everyone is topped off, and then after it has been cast, top everyone off again. He also does drenching waters which when stacked with frigid blows, does a shit ton of damage, especially if someone stands in bad. Make sure you save any mobile healing spells for this part because you will probably be moving around a great bit.

These are just examples that I feel some healers miss. And I hope you learn a bit from that. I will eventually continue this post but it is nearing raid time and I must start getting ready! I ramble a lot but meh, I may be the only person who reads this so it’s all good!

Earn Cash Online With Instagc

How great would it be for you to earn cash online? I’m talking about every single day. Does it sound appealing to you? I started this 6 years ago and I haven’t stopped yet. This is one of the most legit and easiest ways to earn cash online every single day. And it’s 100% free.

I have been promoting Instagc for many years now, especially after earning my first $100. It literally took me 1 month. You may think that’s a long time and a small amount, but I had to learn the site. I had to test certain things in order to get more money. Now I am able to make between $8-$10 an hour using the site. The secret to making cash here? Determination. You can’t just say, I want to make money but then spend all your time looking for the highest paying task.

If you are a regular reader of mine, then you have probably seen one of the many videos and blog posts I have made about Instagc. If not, I will add a video that I created a while back just going over the basics.

How Do You Make Money?

It’s easy! You just complete small tasks and you get paid for doing them. These are all done online through your computer. One task may pay you $0.50 to sign up for their newsletter, and another task may be offering you $1.00 to answer 10 questions about your first car. These tasks range from just clicking on a website to proofreading an article. So many different ways to earn. You can even watch videos in the background and earn while you do other tasks! I’m telling you. This is the easiest way to earn extra cash online.

If you are familiar with MTURK, then some of the tasks on Instagc will be familiar to you. For example, Crowdflower has a wall that you can earn from. This is my favorite and I earn more from this wall than any other. I would have to say the main Instagc wall comes in second on next highest paying wall.

BTW, if you don’t know what a wall is, it is where you will find your tasks and pay amounts.

How Much Can I Make In a Day?

This is up to you. It depends on how much time you have. If you only have an hour, then it is super easy to make $7-$10. I try to make at least $10 a day. Some days I do slack though. I have found it is very easy to get off track trying to find high paying tasks, and then end up not making anything. You have to just do tasks, and not worry about how much they pay. They are typically done in 5 minutes and you will get paid. It adds up. Just try it.

How Will I Get Paid?

There are several ways to get paid. The #1 way I prefer is through Paypal. However, you will not be able to cash out to Paypal until you have cashed out at least $50, or reached that threshold. If you don’t feel like waiting until you reach $50 then you can get a gift card, deposit to your checking account or even request a check be sent to you. There are also 3 ways I personally am not familiar with, they are bitcoin, lite coin and ethereum payments.

How To Get Started?

First thing you want to do is create your FREE ACCOUNT. After you create this account, be sure to check your email to confirm or else you won’t be able to make any money! Once you have confirmed your email address, head over to the Instagc Facebook page and check for free codes. This is free money. Once you’re ready to start making money, use the tips I provided in the video above and start earning. You can always ask me for help too!

How To Earn From Blogging Pt. 1

Are you trying to figure out how to earn from blogging? Imagine that you could make money online every single day. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to $100, $200 or more every day? Of course it would. Everyone would love to make money while they sleep. That’s one of the best things about blogging.


Trust me, the first time I woke up to $25 in my account, I was thrilled. The first dollars you make as a blogger can really draw you into the reality of blogging as a career. If you dedicate the time and effort, there is no limit to how much you can make.

In this article, I want to not only teach you the easy way to make money online as a blogger, but I want to share with you, my experience and failures a long the way on my journey. Going through these failures taught me a lot, and I think everyone should know about them, to prevent making the same mistakes I did.

This won’t be an ordinary how-to article. This will be more of a ‘don’t do what I did’ article. I have made many mistakes along this journey and had I know then what I know now…Wow! I’m sure I would be sleeping on a yacht!

Blogging has always been something I knew about, but I never really partook. I used to think it was more of a public journal, (well in a way that is exactly what it is for some) and I didn’t care to journal about my life. That was until I started couponing. Yes, for a long time, I became that crazy coupon girl. Spamming my newly found coupon deals on my facebook timeline. Inspiring some people and annoying some too. I seriously had it bad. I was so passionate about the subject that I really wanted to help others learn.

This would be the first step in starting your blog.

Find A Topic You Are Passionate About

It’s best to blog about something you have a lot of knowledge about. This makes it easier for you to teach others. If you want others to be able to get the same enjoyment out of what you enjoy, you have to figure out different ways to reach them. This is why blogging about a passion is better, because without that passion, you just won’t care enough.

I knew I wanted to tell the world about couponing, and since I didn’t care to add random strangers to my facebook, I searched for another outlet to teach. This is when ‘start a blog’ came to mind. I figured it would be my couponing journal. So I started it. I named my blog Columbia Coupon Mom. I created my blog through blogspot at the time, which was a free hosted blog. I didn’t even know what a domain name was.

I was so naive to the whole blogosphere. I decided I would name my blog so I could focus on couponing locally. This is where my first mistake happened.

You will make alot of mistakes on the way. I didn’t really have a plan. I just knew I wanted to blog about coupons, and it seemed better to present it to a local group. After all, I wasn’t familiar with stores in other states. It just made sense to me. I went ahead with the name Columbia Coupon Mom, and focused on stores only in Columbia,SC.  I purchased the domain name as well. This is a top step in blogging.

Important Steps Before You Start Blogging

The most important step you can take when starting a blog, is to buy a domain name. As you see my domain name is TheVersatileMama.com. (It was Columbia Coupon Mom, I’ll explain later.)

I find having a domain name match the title of your blog to be the best. This makes it your brand. It is fairly cheap to buy a domain name. I purchased mine from Godaddy.com for only $0.99 for the first year. It’s a great deal if you are serious about

$.99* .COM Domain! Get going with GoDaddy!

blogging as a career. After the 1st year you will be charged $14.99 typically for the next year. Many people also prefer paying for multiple years to save money and lessen the hassle of remembering every year. If you want to test out the domain name search, just click the banner to be taken to the search bar. If you have a name for a blog, type it in and see if that name is available. There are also a few more steps when starting the domain name search.

Some people like to use a keyword planner to check for domain names that have valuable keywords within them. I personally didn’t know about this until it was too late. If you want to learn about finding good keywords, you can check out this video that helped me a lot.  The next step would be to make sure your name is available on social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. These will be the top places you will be promoting content.

Once you figure out a domain name, and get those social media sites set up in your name, you are ready for the next step. Buy Hosting.

Yes, you will have to have hosting in order for you to set up your domain name. I prefer Go daddy hosting. I pay $8 a month because I chose to pay monthly. If you rather pay for a year or more in full, then you will pay a cheaper price. Check out their hosting packages here. If you use this link, you will save 50% off your total hosting package. Make sure you choose a hosting package that allows you to have WordPress.

The good thing about WordPress is all of the free plug ins that make your site so enjoyable for you and your readers.

I want you to understand that blogging is more than just typing and publishing. It’s about learning new skills. You will learn so much about blogging, and the technology around it. When I started blogging I didn’t know what HTML, but thanks to all of the amazing tutorials I have found online, I feel very confident in using HTML. It will be something you will probably have to edit at some point, and I assure you that there will be a tutorial out there, made just for you.

The Fun Begins Here. DESIGN.

Once you have your domain name and hosting. You will probably have your WordPress site set up and ready to go. You will get to design your blog at this point. This is where you will get to choose a theme and create your menus. You really should sit down with a paper and pen and brainstorm this part. As you can see from my blog theme, it was one of the basic themes that come with WordPress. You can easily choose one from the main menu or you can purchase one.

I would also recommend googling “Free WordPress themes”. This is how I have found many over the years. I change mine quite a lot. You will also need to create a menu. For example, if you are starting a couponing blog, then think about how to make it user friendly. Are your menu names going to be category types of coupons? Baby, Drinks, Food etc? Really figure that part out and when you have a list and are ready to create a menu, then google “How to make a menu on WordPress.” Yes. You will be googling a lot of things.

I want to share with you how to create categories because this will be important to use to separate your blog posts. When you start writing blog posts, you will find a side bar that has the publish button in it. Right under that publish button there will be a category section. You will want to Press “Add new category”, and then type in what name you want. Make sure you capitalize it as this will probably end up being a menu for you in the near future.

When I create a blog post, I typically mark the category before I press publish. For instance, this post will be listed as Blogging 101. This is one of my categories that I use. So when a reader goes to my Blogging 101 category menu, they will see excerpts from all of my posts that were categorized as having to do with blogging. Be sure to check it out here.

Ok. After you have all of these steps complete, it’s time to start writing. Before you even think about making money with your blog, you need to create content that will keep people wanting to come back.

Time For Content

Whatever topic you choose for your blog, you should write about. So if you have a blog called Toys for Kids, then you probably shouldn’t write about guns and ammo. Start writing about whatever you want to write about, but stay within the topic of your blog. Make sure you share your content on your personal social media sites, and ask your friends and family to follow you and share with their friends. This is where it all starts.

Another great way to bring in more traffic (readers), is to have a small giveaway. What I typically do is once every few months I have a $25 Amazon Gift Card giveaway using Rafflecopter.com. This allows me to create entries that will increase my following. For example an entry could be “Get 1 entry for following me on Twitter” etc. I highly recommend this.

Also be sure to create a Google Analytics account so you can start keeping track of how much traffic you have. Once you get to a certain amount you will be ready for the money making. This will conclude Part 1 of How to Earn From Blogging. I will upload the second part by the end of this week. For now the biggest step is to create content, promote content,build traffic.

The next post I make on this will show some great traffic tips. Be sure to subscribe so you can grab the next part.

Update** Part 2 available here.


How to get a Free $3 Visa Gift Card

I wanted to share with you a way you can get a free $3 Visa gift card.

 I just received my $3 VISA gift card in my email, so I know it is 100% legit. All you have to do is download a simple extension to your computer or download the Shoptracker App.

Shoptracker is part of Harris Polls Online. They like to study our shopping habits, and currently the one I signed up for was through Amazon. I personally enjoy survey sites and participating in research studies, and this was the easiest to do because there really isn’t anything binding you to stay a member. Everything is free. You just sign up, and that’s it.

Join Today and get a free $3 Visa Gift card

Basically all I did was download the app, connected it to my Amazon account. Answered a few of their questions and that was it. In 3 days I got my email with my $3 VISA gift card digital code. If you want to read about it for yourself, you can check out more information at the ShopTracker Website.

If you are looking for more ways to earn cash and rewards online, click here.

How To Coupon at Bi-lo

I wanted to make a quick post about how to coupon at Bi-lo. I have seen a few people question how couponing works at this particular store. I am just going to quickly clarify a few things. Bi-lo is one of the oldest stores that I have shopped at. In fact for quite some time the only stores we had where I grew up were Bi-lo, Piggly Wiggly, Food Lion and Winn-Dixie. I consider the other stores just basic grocery stores. They never have anything special going on to be honest. I am going to specify a few couponing rules for Bi-lo and that’s it. Look out below!

What kind of coupons can I use?

  • Store Coupons- These can be from local competitors such as other grocery stores, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Dollar General and Family Dollar. You should ask your local customer service what stores they consider “competitors”.
  • Manufacturer Coupons- These can be from sites like Coupons.com, Redplum, Smart Source and the paper coupon inserts you find in your local newspaper. They can also be found in stores. These will clearly state “Manufacturer Coupon”. To see the coupon policy word for word, click here.
  • E-Coupons- These are coupons that you can save to your Bi-lo card. You may also use Savingstar e-coupons.

Does Bi-lo Double Coupons?

Yes! Bi-lo will double your coupons up to $0.60. This means if you have a coupon with a face value of up to $0.60, you will be able to double it. So a $0.60 off coupon will become $1.20 off. $0.55 off coupons are more common than $0.60 off coupons. However, you can only use 5 coupons that are alike. So if you plan to buy 6 of a product and use 6 double coupons, sorry, you won’t be allowed. Only 5 will double for like products. Store coupons/Competitor coupons will not double either.

Is there a limit to how many coupons I can use?

Currently there is not a limit. I believe this is 100% up to your local store. I have personally used more than 50 in a transaction and it was allowed.

Does Bi-lo allow me to Stack Coupons?

Yes. Bi-lo will allow you too stack coupons. You are allowed to use 1 store coupon and 1 manufacturer coupon together on a single item. This is called stacking. If you choose to use an e-coupon, then you can stack that with a store coupon but you cannot use a paper manufacturer coupon too, because the e-coupon is considered a manufacturer coupon. Another way to save more is by using rebate apps such as Ibotta or Checkout51. These will give you money back when you take a picture of your receipt. So technically you can stack 3 times. Store Coupon, Manufacturer Coupon and Ibotta/Checkout51 deposit.

Well I said it was going to be short. These are the biggest questions most people have about couponing at Bi-lo. If you have any questions, please comment below!


How To Increase Your DPS in World of Warcraft

This post has absolutely nothing to do with what I typically post on the blog. In fact the majority of my readers will dismiss this completely. That’s fine. I am making this to try to help some people out, and that’s it.

I have been playing World of Warcraft for over 10 years now, and I have learned quite a lot. For starters, I am shitty DPS, and healing is about the only thing I can do any more. I say this because as DPS I am not observant to my surroundings. My numbers stay within a healthy range to not be complained at or hold any groups back, but I have a tendency to pull a few more adds than I and the tank prefer. Oops. Shit happens. Oh but I do manage to survive. That’s another point I want to bring up. Survival. I’ll talk about that later.

I prefer healing because I feel if it wasn’t for healers, no player would be able to stay alive long enough to down anything. Therefore, I feel healers are YOUR gods. Bow down. Don’t be douche bags. DPS and Tanks.. you are nothing with out us. Jk… or am I? But for real, I have encountered my share of bad healers, and when I started healing, I took it seriously. I will do everything in my holy power (see what I did there) to make sure that we all survive. You’re welcome. Ok, enough about this, time to talk to some DPS.

Now I know that it’s easier to complain that people suck in the game, and noone ever has the time to actually help anyone, but I want to. I am tired of people staying lost in the game for expansions and expansions. Back in the day, I improved my performance (DPS) because assholes yelling at me, and telling me that I suck. However, times are changing and new players don’t react well to the screaming in all caps, because most of them have so many UI addons they don’t even see YOUR message in party or guild.

Oh btw, this article is going to bounce from subject to subject. That’s how my mind works. Sorry ahead of time.

I would also like to point out that I am not claiming to be some super OP player either. I am simply trying to guide some people in the right direction. I am just giving some tips, and that is all. Criticize if you like, or provide your own opinions if you find them to be easier. I want to tell you what I do with my DPS characters to help their damage per second increase drastically.

How to increase your DPS

First things first. You need to learn to stay alive. You can’t expect the healers to waste all of their mana to keep you up. This means you have to be aware of your surroundings. In order to do this, you need to be familiar with the fights. Most people who participate in raids these days watch youtube videos, but I say fuck that. Go to LFR. But before you go, make sure you have Deadly Boss Mods Addon. You can get that on the curse website. If you feel this isn’t enough to keep you from doing something stupid, then you should get what I use. It’s called GTFO.

Once you have those addons, enter LFR and really learn the fights. Don’t be a fucktard and go afk because it’s LFR. Familiarize yourself with the spells being thrown at you. Don’t think that you can just come to raid and lie on the floor dead and take all the loot. That will get old fast. I guarantee it.

Next thing, DO NOT THINK ITEM LEVEL/GEAR SCORE will make your DPS higher. No. I am so tired of people being like..”Hur Hur, check out this 940 cloak I got. My DPS is gonna be so high.”- Coarpse.

No, it probably won’t. Item level means nothing in my opinion. You need to focus on stats. And there is a great way to check what gear you should be equipping with a website that I have used for many years, and it’s pretty great.. even though some people complain about it. All I can say is, atleast it’s not Noxxic. I personally can’t use it as a healer because you can’t sim healers apparently. But you can use it for DPS.

So this is what I want you to do. First I want you to download this add on: Ask Mr Robot Data Exporter

Once you have that downloaded. I want you to restart your wow client, and log into the game. If you are using your basic UI (user interface) then look around your mini map, you will see an orangish circle. This is your ask mr robot add on. Click on this addon, and go to export. You will see a bunch of numbers and letters. Now I want you to press CTRL C. This will copy all of the information regarding gear on your character in your bags and bank.

Now I want you to go to Askmrrobot.com, before you do anything here, I want you to register for a free account. You will need this to access the gear portion of the site. Once you have registered, you will be able to access premium features which come with the free trial. No cc needed. Just sign up using your email address only.

Now that you are a member, look your character up by realm and name. Then go to the box that says ‘Load from the Ask Mr Robot in-game addon’. I want you to click the inside of that box and then press CTRL V, this will paste your data from in game into the program.

Press Optimize Gear.

Ignore the first part, and go down to the section that says Best in Bags. Step 1 asks you to specify your preferred spec. So if you are a mage choose whether you play frost, fire or arcane. Now step 2 wants you to press CTRL V again. This will paste your information from in game to the program. Now press FIND BEST IN BAGS. Now I want you to put on the exact gear it tells you too, as well as gems and enchants. I don’t care if it tells you to put item level 900 gloves on when you have 930 item level gloves. Just do it. Like I said, Item level doesn’t mean jack shit the majority of the time.

Ok, now that you have your gear on. You are ready for the next part in how to increase your DPS. LEARN YOUR PROPER ROTATION AND TALENTS. The website I find helps beginners and those not familiar with the game changes is called ICYVEINS. Not Noxxic. If you go to Noxxic, then I need you to delete your character because Noxxic is terrible and only tools go there. But still Noxxic bad, Icyveins good.

Once you are there, find your class guide and read about what talents are preferred and rotations. Then put all that information together and test your character using the proper talents and rotation in game. Now there are some people who prefer to do this using their own brain, and I get that but if you are 920 item level and your stats are optimal for your character and you are only doing 150k dps.. YOU SHOULD NOT RELY ON YOUR BRAIN ANY MORE! =)

Try this method and see if it helps you. This is all.



Couponing To Save The Most Money

I want you to sit back and imagine going into a store and shopping for a few necessities. Now think about going to the check out line and when you arrive to the register pulling out a handful of coupons instead of cash, and walking out without paying a dime. Sounds nice, right?

If you use coupons to their full potential, this scenario can be real for you.

In this article, I want to introduce you to couponing to save the most money. I will be going over how to find the best coupons and how to match them to the lowest prices. This will be a nice step by step tutorial for those who are new to couponing and would like to start saving some serious cash at the store. I started couponing in 2011, and I have yet to stop. It’s so nice to walk out of a store getting super cheap stuff and even free many times.

What You Need:

  1. Printer that atleast prints in black & white.
  2. Sunday Newspaper with coupon inserts.
  3. Store Reward Cards/ Store Apps/ Digital Coupons
  4. An hour of time each week.
  5. Store Ads. You can find most ads on the store website.

As a coupon user, I print coupons and cut from paper coupon inserts. So having a working printer is imperative. Many people like using their phones these days, so I would suggest a wireless printer like the one I recently purchased. It’s the All In One Wireless Printer. This is perfect for printing from not only your PC but your phone and tablet too!! I call this a couponers printer. This is a wireless printer and it really helps you print more coupons than you would normally be able to do, since you can print from multiple devices.

Some of the highest value coupons are printable, so keep this in mind. You don’t have to own a computer to print coupons anymore!

I also suggest the Sunday newspaper because it contains the coupon inserts within the store ad section. These inserts typically consist of RedPlum (RP), Proctor & Gamble (P&G) and Smart Source (SS). You can also find coupon inserts in the pink Yes! Bags that you may find on the driveway during the week.

Store Reward Cards

Store reward cards are very important to have. If you don’t have any, you can get them for free from your local stores or you can go to their websites to get them. I have listed a few links to the reward card applications at some stores near me, below:

You can also find apps for many stores as well. Simply go to your app store or play store on your phone and type your favorite stores in your search bar. It’s that simple. Having the apps on your phone are a great saving tool because sometimes they have coupons you can use through your phone. I have also received free cash to use as specials from places like CVS.

Digital Coupons

You definitely sign up for the following digital coupon programs. The great thing about these coupons is you can use these plus a paper coupon so you get double the savings. Many people don’t even know about this. They hear about the programs but never really look into them. I was like that for a very long time.

Ibotta and Checkout 51 are like rebate apps. If you buy something from a certain store, you just look for it in the app, redeem it and upload the picture of your receipt. The app does the rest. Once they approve the amount, you will have that extra cash deposited into your account. When you reach $20, you will be able to cash out to Paypal, Gift Cards and other options are available.

Savingstar is more like a coupon, in fact alot of coupons you print have the same face value as the coupons in the Savingstar app. Basically you can link your store reward cards to your Savingstar account. You then pick out the coupons you want to use, and scan your rewards card at your store. If you purchase the items you chose in the Savingstar app, then you will get that money credited to your account as well. Some stores prefer you upload the receipt. You will need to enter your zipcode in the SavingStar app to see what stores link to cards and which prefer receipts in your area.

Let’s move on to the time it takes to coupon. If you can spare an hour a week, you will be on your way to saving money. It really doesnt take long to get your coupons in order for your shopping trip. Finding the coupons is the easiest part. Matching them to store ads can be tricky to some people.

You will need to check out your weekly store ads. These are typically new on Wednesdays and Sundays. Some stores will also have a store ad preview for you the day before, so you can be the first in the store when the sale starts to grab all the deals. A great site to find the store ads would be Flipp. I come here often for my store ads. It’s very handy, and sometimes they even match coupons for you!

How To Find Coupons Online?

You may wonder where you can find coupons online, and I want to share with you one of the greatest inventions I have found yet! The COUPON DATABASE. I use the Hip2Save Coupon Database. This database lets you search for coupons by brand, type of food, type of coupon and by store. It is probably the greatest invention for coupon users. You can find these all over the internet. Simply go to google and type “Coupon Database”. It’s that simple.

How To Match A Coupon

This is the final part of the article. I guess I can’t even call it an article. It’s like a mini-article. This is where I tell you how to match a coupon. So let’s say we need to stock up on some cereal. Some people may have a certain brand they prefer, but for us, we go for what we can find the cheapest. Unfortunately, we do have a preferred store that we shop at, and that is Bi-lo. I prefer Bi-lo because they double coupons up to $0.60. That means a $0.60 coupon will be $1.20 off. A $0.50 coupon will be $1.00 off. You get the drift. Not only this perk, but they also participate in Ibotta.

Oh and they accept store coupons from other stores such as Publix. If you are familiar with Publix, they always have a ton of coupons. And I love, love, love giving Bi-lo my Publix coupons.

Since my explanations are complete on my preferred store, let me get back to finding cheap cereal to stock up on.

  1. I need cereal, so I go to my Bi-lo store ad and look for the cereal they have on sale.
  2. There are quite a few cereals so this is where I start checking for coupons so I can ignore the ones without.
  3. The brands on sale are as follows: Cheerios, $1.99; Frosted Flakes, $1.99; Froot Loops, $1.99; Cookie Crisp, $1.99; Corn Flakes, $1.99; Apple Jacks, $1.99
  4. As you see I listed the prices next to each item. These are typically about $3.99, but they are on sale Buy One Get One Free. So they will ring up half price.
  5. Now I will go to my coupon database, and look up each brand. i want to pay about $1.00 per box, so I look for a coupon that will get me close to that amount.
  6. I find that Cheerios have 2 coupons. They have a coupon for $1/2 General Mills Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or Lucky Charms printable and it can be stacked with $1/2 General Mills Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Reese’s Puffs, Chex, Cocoa Puffs, or Trix (SavingStar Deposit). So if we buy two boxes of Cheerios they will ring up as $3.99 for 2. Then subtract the $1 for the paper coupon and you will pay $2.99 for both boxes of cereal. But if you add the SavingStar deposit, you will get back $1.00, so it will be like paying $0.99 per box!

So that’s how you do it. I checked the other cereals as well, and I found that there was a coupon for Corn flakes $0.50/1 Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Cereal printable, this would make them $0.99. However, the best deal I found was on the Apple Jacks. Check out the final deal scenario, and you can actually get this deal this week.

Apple Jacks, $1.99
$1/1 Kellogg’s Apple Jacks Cereal printable [9-oz.+]
$0.50/1 Kellogg’s Apple Jacks Cereal (SavingStar Deposit) [8.7-oz.+]
Final Price- $0.49

This wraps up my little article on how to coupon to save the most money. If you learned something from me, please comment below so I know how I did. If I confused me more, let me know lol, I can try again!