Save Up To 90% Off With Ibotta Coupon Stacking

Would you like to know how to save up to 90% off with Ibotta Coupon Stacking?


Just in case you’re not familiar with how Ibotta works, check out- Using Ibotta to save more money: Is it difficult? That should help you understand how to get money back. If you’re still reading this, then I will assume you already have the Ibotta app.

For those new users of Ibotta, there are more ways you can save. I have saved up to 90% on several products. Wanna know how? I used coupons too. That’s it.

So many people hate using coupons, and I personally don’t get it. Coupons are free money. Use them! I get that it’s easier to just not use them, but even when I have plenty of money to spend, I still use coupons. Even when I don’t have the time, I still use them. I enjoy walking out of a store with free and close to free products. All thanks to coupons.

Here are a few tips on how to save the most when using Ibotta:

1.Open your Ibotta app and find the rebates you want.

2. Go to the following coupon websites and search for the chosen rebate:

If you can’t find a matching coupon at the web sites above, you can always check out the coupon database. Just type in what you are looking for.

3. Print your coupons and start saving!

It really is that easy. I wanted to give a few examples of saving using coupons with your Ibotta rebates. In the example below, I included an Ibotta rebate and the coupon match that saves me the most money. The final total is the amount saved in all. The store I chose is Bi-lo, because they double coupons so you will always save more through coupon use here.



Buddig Original Lunchmeat
Buy 5, 2 oz packs and get back $1.00 Ibotta rebate when you buy 4 then use
$1/5 Buddig Original Packages, exp. 11/30/17 (SmartSource 05/07/17) [2-oz.]
Final Savings- $2.00 off 5 packs

These are priced $0.50 each at Walmart, I would assume they are close to that price at Bi-lo as well. With this kind of discount, you would end up paying $0.10 per pack.

See this is why using coupons with your Ibotta rebates are so important.

Do you have an Ibotta/Coupon deal you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments below!



How To Make Money On InstaGC

If you follow this blog, then you already know I am a huge fan of Instagc. In this article, I want to give you a few tips on how to make money on Instagc.


InstaGC, short for Instant Gift Cards is an amazing website for making fast money online. If you can enter your email address into a random companies free newsletter subscription, then you can earn money in seconds. This is just one way you can earn money on Instagc. Many people use this website to pay bills, and for luxury purchases. You can literally log in for an hour and withdraw to your Paypal and get your money the same day. Cool, huh?

What is InstaGC?

Instagc is what many call a GPT site. GPT stands for get paid to. (I used to think that was a foreign currency abbreviation. Shh, don’t tell anyone.) They call it this because you get paid to do things. But unlike many jobs where you mainly have one job, this one pays you to do alot of stuff.

You can get paid to:

Sign up for newsletters

Like Facebook Pages

Enter Giveaways

Watch Videos

Search the Internet

Do surveys

Sign up for the best new reward programs (and old ones too.)

Get free samples…

and so much more. Does it sound too good to be true? Really it’s not. Let me explain how it works. Basically the owner of Instagc is partners of several affiliate programs that certain companies offer. When the partner refers someone to the company link, they get paid. So when Instagc adds these offers for you, they are actually getting paid when someone signs up for one, and so are you. It’s a pretty great thing for all parties involved. Two will get paid and the company gets traffic and hopefully a customer too.

How much money can you make?

Honestly, you can make as much as you want. There is no cap on money earned. It takes me about an hour to earn $7-10 dollars. Some days you will find very high value offers that can pay up to $3-4 dollars. Always watch the sidebar completed offer ticker to see what offers others have just completed. It is in real time of the offers being approved. This is the best tip I can give for making money fast on Instagc.

There are some negatives for many people on Instagc if you don’t read the instructions for the offers provided. There have been times where I rushed through an offer and my points never credited. Once I reported this to the offer wall support, I was told I did not confirm my email address. This can void the offer reward. For example if you go to an offer and it says your points credit once you confirm, this means you must check your email and click the link to confirm within the email. If you don’t do this, you will not make money.

Top tips for InstaGC users

I will share my best tips for making use of the site easier, below:

  • Dedicate a new email address for your Instagc account only
  • Always confirm your email address for Instagc, when you sign up, and when you are ready to start offers.
  • Always clear cookies each time you visit Instagc. This will allow you to do some of the same offers again.
  • Use the sidebar ticker to find successful offers to do quickly.

How do you get paid?

There are many ways to get your money. Before I go over that, you should probably know how the point system works. Every 1 point is equal to 1 cent. So 25 points is 25 cents and 100 points is a dollar and so on.

Okay. The top way to get paid is through Paypal. However, in order to open use of Paypal, you must reach $50 or 5000 points. But don’t worry. You can cash out the very first dollar you make if you like. (I will talk about that in a minute.) Other ways to get paid are by direct deposit, check by mail, VISA rewards card and even Bitcoin. You must have atleast $5 to withdraw from any of these methods. You can cash out for $1 though. Once you get your Paypal account approval, you can deposit as little as $1.00 as often as you like. But until then you can cash out for gift cards. You can get an Amazon or Walmart gift card for only $1.00!

There are hundreds of gift cards from Aeropstale to World of Warcraft, the list is pretty long.

If you are in need of a way to make fast money online, then this is definitely the best site to make money. Like I said, I can easily earn $7-10 dollars an hour when I focus my time on filling out free offers. The only thing is costs me is a little time mass deleting spam email.

If you want to try it out for yourself, you can use my referral link and sign up free. For all new members, I will send you a special link to a guide (upon request) that will show you how to make close to $2,000 dollars a month on Instagc.

For more work at home and make money online tips click here.

Comment below and let me know what you think!



How To Save Money By Entering Giveaways

I want to share a secret with you. I rarely pay for anything. I guess it’s not a secret anymore. I’m sure you must be dying to know how, even though the title of this post is a dead giveaway. Yes, I acquire most all of the things I want by entering giveaways, and winning them.

I felt that maybe showing others how I save money by entering giveaways would be a fun post topic.

Today I was writing down all of the things I am needing and the two biggest things I am wanting to decorate in my home. I typically keep a small notebook and write in it daily. I jot down my tasks for the day, week and month. I write all grocery items I need, and extra “luxury” items I want. Then I spend a great deal of my time searching the web for coupons, sales and giveaways. Some people will enter every giveaway they run across, but not me. I am very specific in the giveaways I enter, and this helps me a great deal. So I believe.

How Do I Find The Giveaways I Need?

When I have an item in mind that I really want, I typically go all out in my search but I keep my search very specific. For example, today I was thinking about the picture I have hanging above my bed. It has a plethora of colored sketched circles in it, and I want my comforter to match one of those colors. So I started my search using google advanced search tool. If you aren’t familiar with this search method, let me give you a few tips.

Let’s say I am looking for a comforter set for my bedroom. I will type any of the following phrases in hopes one will give me the giveaway I am looking for:

“Win a comforter set”

“Win a comforter”

“Comforter Giveaway”

“Comforter Sweepstake”

“Comforter set giveaway”

“Comforter set sweepstake”

*use any term such as blanket, bedding, throw etc.

Making sure you use quotations will narrow the search results so that only websites with those terms show up for you. After you search the phrase in quotations, make sure you go to the “Tools” tab next to the search bar, and select the tab that says anytime, and search within the “past month”. This will narrow your search for recent giveaways.

If you don’t search like this, you will find alot of old giveaways from years and years ago. This is the best way to find your giveaway. Once you have found a few giveaways to enter, you are ready to focus on the types of giveaways that will increase your odds of winning.

What Type Of Giveaway Increases My Chance Of Winning?

I will personally enter every giveaway I can find for the items I want, but there are a few that I absolutely must bookmark to check on daily. Any giveaway that allows you to enter daily will greatly increase your chances of winning. Why is this? Because many giveaways will allow you to tweet about the giveaway and give you an extra entry, while others will accept your email address daily. Those entries add up, and if you stick to it daily (most people don’t), you will greatly increase your chance of winning. This is how I win the majority of time.

So always stick to giveaways that allow for extra entries, and do everything they provide for you to get that extra entry. Many will have you subscribe to twitter accounts, youtube channels, pinterest and more. So make sure you have accounts for all of those types of social media accounts.

How Can I Save My Giveaways To Come Back Quickly?

Use bookmarks! Typically in the top of your broswer search bar you will have a star like the one pictured below:

Just click it when you are on the giveaway page. You can use this bookmark to save your giveaways. I typically sort mine based on the type of giveaway. If you look in the picture above, you can see I have ‘electronics giveaway’ as one of my bookmark folders. Always create a new folder and name it. This will save you alot of time.

How Do I Start Entering Giveaways To Save Money?

To start out on the right foot, you will need a plan. In order to greatly increase your chances of winning giveaways, you must dedicate time to it. If you can dedicate 30 to 45 minutes each day, then you are off to a good start. I would suggest an hour to find the items you are wanting once a week.

I typically go through my giveaways each day and get my daily entry in. If you use Google Chrome, there is an option to open all links in each folder so you will have them all open and ready.

Always keep track of your daily entry giveaways. Be sure to check your giveaway email every day, and delete giveaways as they expire.

I hope this helps some of you to start saving money by entering giveaways.

Do you have any tips for winning giveaways? Comment below!


Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card

Hey ya’ll! Time to win a $25 Amazon gift card!! I love having these giveaways. So much fun!

This giveaway will start 8/9/17 and end 9/9/17. The winner will be notified through email and the gift card will be in digital code form. There are several ways to get entries also. I always use Rafflecopter for my giveaways. You will find the entry form below.

This giveaway is a thank you for my readers. It’s been a great 6 years and I am hoping the next 6 years will be just as great!

Good luck to you all!

Winner will be announced on September 10, 2017 on the website as well as notified through email.

Open Worldwide.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Make Money By Entering Sweepstakes With Instagc

Did you know you can make money by entering sweepstakes on Instagc?

When I started sweeping, I ran across this website and was immediately hooked. It was a great place to find sweepstakes while I made extra money from home. I spend about 3 hours on Instagc a day, and in that time I am constantly entering giveaways while I am doing free offers. I would say I enter about 50 sweepstakes in the 3 hours of doing free offers. I also make $25+ in cash I transfer to my Paypal account each day.

Many people are not aware of the hidden sweepstakes in these offers. I just want to show you a quick example of some of the offers you can find on Instagc. Check out this screen shot I took below:

On this screenshot you can see one of the offers is to “Enter for a chance to win $100 Best Buy Gift Card”, now when I went to do this offer I made sure it was 100% legit by looking at the rules on the bottom of the screen. I checked the terms and conditions. Always check the terms. So for this offer, you just have to register your email. (I would suggest using an alternative email address) After you register, you will receive $0.32 or 32 points. After the registration page, you can go to the sweepstake rules section and instead of going through the pages of offers, you can just enter your email to enter the sweepstake. It’s that simple!

There are some offers with sweeps that require you to go to the very last “offers” page. You will be entered into the sweepstake, and you can answer no to everything and skip those pages as well. Don’t ever pay to enter a sweepstake, or get your money on Instagc.

I hope this quick tip is valuable to you. If you’re not a member of Instagc, you can sign up free and start earning points and sweeping!


Work At Home Scanning Barcodes For NPC

Would you like to work at home scanning barcodes? It sounds pretty simple, right? I did this for quite some time, and I highly recommend it for those who shop weekly.


NCP better known as National Consumer Panel or Nielsen, is a research company that needs our help. They study the habits we have in several different ways. This one research panel will look at your shopping habits by providing you with a hand held scanner that you can use in the privacy of your own home.

How to work at home scanning barcodes

When you Apply as a panel member, you will be qualified based on your zip code. If qualified, then you will be shipped a handheld scanner. You will use this scanner to scan the barcode of items you buy. You will need to keep your receipts, so you can enter the price you paid into the scanner. It will have a number pad on it for easy entry. As you scan the barcodes, it will save onto the scanner, and you will need to upload the information via USB to your computer. NCP will provide the database for you to upload.

How you will earn from doing this

As you upload this data, you will accumulate points in which you can redeem. This is where you will reap your rewards. However, there are more benefits to being an NCP member. Every month when you upload your information, you will receive an entry into their monthly sweepstakes for $500. This money will be put on an American Express Rewards Card. Basically each week you upload your scanner data, you will gain 1 entry. So you will have a total of 4 entries each month for the $500.

You also have the chance to win the quarterly drawing where 4 members will be chosen to receive a Visa Prepaid Card. And as always each week of data uploads also counts towards the $20,000 sweepstake. Every quarter one panel member will win this.

If this sounds like a good way to earn extra each month with a nice chance of winning some sweepstakes too, then be sure to Apply as a panel member, and check out all of the reviews for the company.

You can also sign up using the QR code, just scan it with your phone:

If you’re interested in how I make $100+ a week, be sure to check out my post How to make $25 a day using Instagc.




To see more ways to earn cash and rewards, click here.

How Do Blogs Make Money

How do blogs make money? You’re not alone in wondering this question. It’s pretty simple to explain, but it does take some actual work. I decided to write this article and explain some of the most popular ways that people make money through blogging. Stick around, and you may be very surprised.

In 2011, I created this blog. When I started this blog, making money was not even on my mind. Educating people was on my mind. I started couponing and I was so darn excited on how much money I was saving and all of the free products I was getting, so instead of spamming my Facebook, I decided to make a blog and spam posts! It was the best thing I ever did. I spent hours blogging store ad coupon match ups. It was alot of fun, and my friends and family loved it. However, I started to notice that random people I didn’t know were following my blog too.

I started my blogging on a free platform called It was and still is a huge blogging community and apparently people are very supportive of fellow bloggers. It really feels good to know that people enjoy reading what you write. Over time while I was on blogspot, a fellow blogger emailed me one day asking me about my traffic and how much I made on my blog. I remember thinking, “You can make money doing this???”.I told her I had never tried to make money, and she guided me and told me that I had a really good niche for earning through my blog. What was a niche? Yeah, I was clueless!

For those who don’t know what a niche is, it is basically what your blog is about. The main focus of your blog. For example, my niche originally was couponing. I however have opened my arms to a few other money saving methods as well. Maybe you want to create a blog about comedy in sports, or make up. Whatever you choose, make sure that your entire blog focuses on that topic. This is where making money on a blog starts. The niche.

Top 3 steps to start making money?

  1. Find a niche. Plan your blog out around this niche. Think about all of the menu options, pages and topics that will be included on your blog. This is your first step.
  2. Buy a domain. You don’t have to use it immediately but if you have a good name for your blog, then you want to buy a domain name. All successful blogs have a real domain. If you don’t know what a domain is, it is the .com address at the top of the search bar. My domain is You can buy one  for a limited time for $0.99 through Godaddy. I suggest doing this before your blog gets more traffic, because some people will take your blog name and buy the .com domain and jack the price up to thousands. I buy about 3 a year for different ideas I have for other blogs. If you pay the $0.99 for your domain, then it will be good for a year. You can also buy hosting and have a wordpress site like mine for $1 a month. But free hosting is ok, but you will eventually get too big for free hosting through blogspot.
  3. Build traffic. You must create content. Write about your topic. Share with your facebook friends. Get your content seen. Create social media pages such as facebook, twitter and pinterest. Give yourself 1-3 months of steady content creation. Meaning atleast write an article a week.

You have traffic,now what?

Once you finally have a decent amount of traffic, you will want to start affiliate marketing. It will be your best option. This means you work for other companies and promote their products through your blog. So if you are a sports themed blog, then you will want to focus on affiliate programs that offer sports themed offers. You will create a blog post about the item you are promoting, typically leaving a link referring your readers back to the main company site. I was clueless about affiliate marketing when I first started, but I bought this ebook called Mastering Super Affiliate Marketing, and it helped me understand even more than a $136 blogging class did. I highly recommend it.

What affiliate programs are available to bloggers?

    1. Escalate network
    2. Shopher Media
    4. Commission Junction
    5. Sheis Media
    6. Come Join the #1 Affiliate Network!
    7. Chitika

These sites will be your starting sites to money making through your blog. If you follow the main 3 steps, then you will be successful. I could go on and tell you so much more, but I will save that for another post. I hope this helped you atleast a little bit. If you follow these steps you too can make well over $1,000 a month from your blog. If you currently have a blog and would like a follow, please comment below and I will follow.



Publix Couponing 101

Are you ready to learn Publix Couponing 101? I am so excited to write about this subject. Publix is by far my favorite grocery store to shop at. I remember when I used to think they were overpriced, but then I realized how wrong I was. Publix is known for their buy one get one free deals, amazing deli and the cute little bag boys who help you with your groceries. It’s such a clean and overall delightful place to shop. So let’s talk about using our coupons here. That’s probably they best part out of everything!


As some people may know, Publix was the best place to coupon because they would double coupons up to $0.50, meaning that a $0.50 off coupon would become $1.00 off. It was an amazing time to be a coupon user. We really were able to get some amazing deals due to this, but unfortunately, this is forever gone. Publix decided to remove double coupons in most states including my state of South Carolina. This change took place in December of 2016. I personally was devastated, and I did start couponing more at Bi-lo, since they still double coupons up to $0.60–I will make a guide for them too.

How To Start Couponing at Publix

Before you start couponing anywhere, you want to familiarize yourself with the coupon policy. In fact, If I were you I would print a copy of the coupon policy so you can have it with you for reference. Sometimes we do run into a cashier who is not aware of their policy. You can view the policy here.

Once you are familiar with the policy you will have a much more relaxed experience couponing at Publix. I would like to go over the basics of the policy just to make sure we all understand. I know it can be kind of confusing for new users.

Types of Coupons you can use

  • Manufacturer coupons- These come in a variety. You can use paper coupons you cut out of your Sunday paper coupon insert, magazines, flyers or blinky coupon machines at stores. These may also be coupons that you have found online to print. Internet printables are considered manufacturer coupons as well as digital coupons.
  • Store Coupons- Any Publix coupon you find in their store flyers are considered “store” coupons. You can actually stack these coupons with a manufacturer.
  • Competitor Coupons- These are store coupons from other stores that Publix may compete with. For example my Publix is right next door to a Target, so they accept Target store coupons as their own store coupon.
  • Digital Coupons-These are coupons found on the Publix website here. In order to use these, you will need to create a free account and you will enter your phone number into the key pad at your local Publix to use your digital coupons. These are considered manufacturer coupons. So if you have a paper coupon for $1.00 off Raid, and you have a $0.50 off digital coupon for $0.50 off raid, you probably should use your paper coupons, because it will take the digital coupon first and then you won’t be able to use your paper coupon.

Tips for Couponing at Publix

  1. Always grab all of the coupon flyers at the front of the store. This is where you will find your store coupons. Save the most money using these coupons with your manufacturer coupons.
  2. We can only use 2 coupons per item
  3. We can only use 8 coupons for 8 of the same item. For example if you have 10 coupons that save $0.10 off 1 Yoplait Yogurt, then you will only be able to use 8. So 2 will go to waste unless you have a non household friend buy those last 2 for you. The rule is 8 like coupons per day for the same item per household.
  4. You can’t use coupons that give a percent off. So no 50% off coupons. Sorry folks.
  5. You can use money off coupons. So if you have a coupon that gives you $20 off your entire order, then you can use that. Once per day, per household.
  6. Always make your list before you get to the store. I will explain that in a few.
  7. If you have coupons for an item that is not available, GET A RAINCHECK! I can’t tell people this enough. Also explain that you have a coupon to use for that item and want to make sure you will be able to still use that coupon. They will typically write that on the raincheck too, so even if your coupon expired the day before they get an item in, you will still be able to use it.
  8. Ask your service desk for a list of local competitors so you are familiar with the stores you can use store coupons from.
  9. You can use Ibotta, Checkout51 and savingstar deposits at Publix. These will stack with all items. The store doesn’t even know you are using them. I will talk about this later as well.

How you can prepare for your Publix shopping trip?

If you are in need of a few things from your local Publix, you should go prepared. This means with coupons and a list. To find out what items are on sale, you can check out the weekly ad here. You will also be able to see the store coupon flyers as well. An easy way to find coupons to match your sale items is to use a coupon database. Here you will search for the brand and item. Then you will be shown a list of coupons. You will be able to match coupons much easier there. Google “coupon database” for the best sources for coupon databases. You can also use the one I have implemented on the site as well. My coupon database.

I hope that some of these tips have helped you understand how Publix Couponing works. As always if you have any quaestions about it, please feel free to contact me. I will get back to you as soon as possible!

DIY Makeup Vanity For Under $30

Is your bathroom counter covered in makeup and beauty products? I’ve been there too. I decided to try a DIY Makeup Vanity for under $30.

After months and months of my boyfriend complaining that I had too much stuff covering the counters, I decided to try the whole minimizing thing. I had way too much makeup to begin with. I had no place to keep my makeup but a make up bag on my bathroom counter, and most the time it was literally spread all over the counter. Apparently I have a problem with putting things back where they belong. Took me 36 years to understand what my parents meant when they complained about that.

I watched this video called Minimalist Makeup Vanity + $50 Giveaway, and got my idea from her. The project she did cost her less than $50, but she used mainly new products. I had $40 to spend and that was it, but of course I didn’t want to spend that much. I decided to hit up my local thrift stores with this awesome idea in my mind. Spend less than $30.

My first stop was my local Goodwill. This was my jackpot store right off the bat. I got a few great items and then headed to my local His House mission thrift store.

I purchased the following items for my DIY Makeup Vanity:

Wooden Chair, $1.79


I really liked the age of this chair and the sturdiness. It has some grooves in it that can be painted later for some added flair.



Mirror, $4



This mirror was luckily not priced, and they just gave me a random price. It’s not too heavy. Just plastic around the edges.



Shelf, $0.79


This was a cute wall shelf, I figured it would be a nice place to store some beauty products.



Baskets, $0.79


Just some random baskets for storage. Thought these were cute, plus I searched high and low for two matching baskets. Apparently they are common at thrift stores.



Gutted Sewing Machine Table, $10


This sewing table opens up and has a big whole in the middle the size of a sewing machine. I plan to add a basket to it later for more beauty product storage!


Someone elses DIY candle holder, $0.79

I really loved the candle holder. As soon as I saw it I thought, makeup brush holder! It was perfect and only $0.79. A steal!


I ran to my hardware store and picked up 3 cans of spray paint with primer and a new handle for the table. That costed $9.

So my grand total for everything: $27. That includes the spray paint. I was able to get all of the main vanity items for $18! So I went to work, and cleaned up the wood, sanded a few spots and got to painting.

I think my biggest issue was finding the right color paint. We will probably add a few tweaks over the next month or so.


Here is my after photo:












Not too bad for my first ever DIY project, eh?


Have you done your own makeup vanity DIY? Comment below!

Sallys Beauty Supply Coupons and Hair Color Sale 2017

ISallys Beauty Supply Coupons

Updated- 8/29/17

New coupon code for 15% off entire purchase. Ends 8/31/17

Code- 555277

Check out the latest Sallys Beauty Supply Coupons! I check their site religiously. You really can score some amazing deals.

Sally has a B2G1 Beauty Sale: Hair Care, Hair Color, Nails, Cosmetics & Skin Care. You can also get a Free Tote with $49 purchase with code 444666. The great thing about this coupon code is it CAN be combined with other offers.

Also be sure to check out the liter sale they have going on. This starts at 2 for $16. Can’t beat that price.


Coupon code expires on August 31, 2017.

Also check out the Top 10 Deals at Sally Beauty for August 2017.

To keep up with the latest deals online check the Top Deals Tab!